Create Explainer Videos In Minute

3 Tips on Making Explainer Videos In Minutes

Stop selling, instead tell stories! Create highly effective explainer videos for explaining concepts. For the uninitiated, explainer videos are one of the greatest tools for attracting people to your products and services.

Videos featuring eye-popping animations and easily digestible visuals are always very effective at explaining ideas and the use of products or services. An online video editor can presumably offer you the scope of creating perfect explainer animations within minutes.

The only thing you need to do is choose the right video editor for this purpose. You can choose InVideo as it comes with great-looking explainer video templates. So, what are you waiting for?

Choose any one of the InVideo explainer video templates; start creating and make the best out of the process!

Create Striking and Stunning Explainer Videos to Step Up Your Business

It’s time for you to give your marketing plan a kick start with the simplest video-making tool in the world. Offering customers a complete lowdown in a way that makes it easy for them to understand is the perfect first step towards forging a lasting relationship. This is what makes explainer videos the right tool for developing businesses.

These videos are not just good at holding the attention of the viewers but will also help them remember the source of the information that is your brand. Explainers keep brands prominent in the minds of the people.

Make highly informative and interesting explainer videos that come as the guarantee of making your viewers interested in your products and services. Use InVideo’s explainer video-making tool to bring visions to life in no time.

The steps are as follows:

  • Sign up for an InVideo
  • Choose an explainer video template that suits your purpose and the message you want to put across.
  • Edit the template. You even have the option of adding new scenes and customizing the text and colors. You can also upload your very own videos and pictures.
  • Now download the finished video. Remember, it will remain saved on InVideo, and you can go back to it anytime.
  • If you want, you can even publish your explainer video on different social media platforms.

Types of Explainer Videos

The different types of explainer video businesses can take advantage of are:

1. Animated Explainer Videos

These are videos featuring animation to a large extent. Using animation in explainer videos means you can strip ideas back and explain the same in the simplest way possible. You can also use such videos to bring intangible technology to life.

Any concept that is difficult to portray through live recordings can be explained clearly using animated explainer videos. And yes, there’s a huge scope of injecting creativity in animation. Users can edit and adjust everything and anything along the way, making animated explainer videos the right choice for all dynamic services and products.

2. Live-Action Explainer Videos

Completely the opposite of animated explainer videos, this form of content uses real-life shots to explain products and services. While animated explainer videos are the right solution for all intangible things, live-action videos explain human-led or physical services best.

Top Tips on Making Explainer Videos

1. Everything’s in the Script

Your explainer video will gain success only if it has a well-written and presented script. The script is the foundation on which the other parts of an explainer video are built. The script for an explainer video should take a fresh look at the products and services of a company and explain them in a way that almost any individual can easily understand.

2. Keep the Video Simple and Straightforward

The rule of thumb to follow when making an explainer video is to keep it simple, straightforward, and clear. Nevertheless, to clarify, it simply does not mean pretty simple graphics. No, it’s a big NO to go this way.

It just means that all the concepts in the video should be explained in simple terms. The products and services should have a clear meaning in front of the viewers, so they are more interested in buying them.

The key here is finding one significant message and sticking to it. You must try and build the entire explainer video around this message. There’s no use overcomplicating the content. It will be of no advantage. Instead, it will defeat your purpose behind making an explainer video.

Also, the technique used for making an explainer video should not be simple. The video needs to have a certain WOW factor, but the story is of the highest level and simple.

One of the best things about these videos is that the creative can choose from a plethora of video styles. You have the option of going for 2D, 3D, classic animation and live shooting. Almost any technique can go well, provided you are super creative beyond rules.

3. Use Any Video Editing Tool Apt for Your Purpose

There are different varieties of video-making and editing tools that you can use for creating stunning explainer videos. Remember, it is not the tools that matter when making an epic video explaining your products and services.

It is the feel-good factor that actually matters when making the video. You can use any tool you are confident with. And you can gain confidence only when you know that a certain tool will be able to fetch your explainer video-making requirements in the best way.

Also, try and work with a tool you know will unleash your creativity to the maximum and the one that makes you feel extremely good. Keep in mind that it’s just a mere tool you are using; your technical skill and creativity matter the most. These are the factors that will guide your explainer videos to success.

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Last But Not the Least

To conclude, your explainer video should showcase the benefits of your products or services and not their features. Instead of beating around the bush with technical nonsense, explain to people how your service or product will be making a difference in their lives.

Swap out “1080 megapixel”; instead, go for “use it for taking super quality photos of your family and friends.” Got the idea?

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