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The bakery industry makes more than $30 billion in revenue each year, according to a study by Small Business Chronicle. Baked goods will always be in demand, especially this year when comfort foods have never been more important.

With an industry that has never slowed down, it makes sense that you want to discover how to break into it successfully. Avoid making simple mistakes so you can focus on making money and enjoying your work!

Follow these five tips for opening your bakery or cafe.

1. Know Your Niche

One of the most important first steps is learning what your niche is in the baking world. Because there are so many bakeries in the world, you want your business to stand out. People should come to your cafe because you sell that particular baked good they love so much.

This comes down to knowing what you love to bake, and what you’re good at. Perhaps it’s vegan-only delicacies, or maybe you like to bake bread, or even baked dog treats. Whatever it is, it will set you apart because the cafe or bakery down the street isn’t selling what you are.

2. Location Matters

When you are just starting off and considering your budget, it may be best to start small, leaving room to grow. There are many online bakeries now, meaning you can bake from virtually anywhere. There is also the newer option of a “bakery truck”, which allows you to be mobile and move to wherever the hot spots are.

You also don’t need a huge space if you want a brick and mortar store. Consider your niche, perhaps its solely selling macaroons. If you want a great location in the middle of a downtown area, you can do so without tons of square footage to pay for.

3. Safety First

Safety should be on the top of your list when opening your small business. It is easy to assume you know all there is about food hygiene, but these bakery food safety practices will show you where you need to put in the work.

If you want a successful business, you need your customers to trust that what you’re offering is clean and safe. Learn the safety precautions and put them into use!

4. Set up Your Equipment

Once you discover your niche and location, you can settle your budget and set up your equipment. No matter where you decide you’re going to bake, you’re going to need enough space in order to actually provide a menu.

You will of course need baking ovens, storage areas, prep counters, cleaning areas, and even display cases. These are the basics, but research what your particular business will need before settling on how your business will operate.

5. Research Your Competition

If you want to beat your competition, you have to know who and what they are. This depends on where you are located and what niche you settle on. The bakery down the street or a similar bakery online may look like they sell the exact same products as you.

But do they offer the same value? The same prices? The same customer service experience? Whatever they are lacking you can make up for, without sacrificing anything for your business.

Opening Your Bakery or Cafe

The most exciting part of opening your new bakery is deciding exactly how you want it to run. Though the planning may seem tedious, it allows you to run your small business however you want to, successfully.

When you get your first customer complimenting your delicious baked goods, you’ll be glad you planned and researched! Check out even more of our articles to learn about all the topics that are trending today.

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