Did you know that there are over 47,000 churches in the United States? If you run a church and you are looking for simple but effective ways to improve your church management, you are in the right place.

Keep reading for our top tips that will make a huge difference.

1. Finances

An important part of your church management is keeping track of all the finances. You want to use a reliable program such as Iconcmo.com to make sure that you know the donations and money that comes in and out every single month.

If your church gives credit cards to certain staff members to use for certain church expenses you want a program that allows you to keep track of the receipts and expenses.

You also want software that helps with a specific budget. Having a plan for how to use the resources and funds that come in will help the church stay open for worship and not be forced to close their doors.

2. Volunteers

Many churches rely on volunteers which means that you want to have someone that helps new volunteers with proper training. You also want to have proper volunteer recruiting programs in place to have teams to help with different areas of the church such as greeting, seating, childcare, security, etc.

Take the time to develop job descriptions for every volunteer role to set the expectations ahead of time. The training should be appropriate for each role.

For example, those volunteering for childcare have to be able to not only deal with kids but have the proper training in case of an emergency. Providing basic CPR classes and such will give parents peace of mind while their children are being watched by someone else.

3. Facilities

No matter where your church meets it is important to maintain the facilities. You want to manage the setup, clean up, and weekly or monthly maintenance of where everyone meets to worship.

Depending on finances you might be able to hire a facilities manager to give you one less thing to think about or you can find a volunteer or two that will oversee the facilities as a whole. Take the time to create a schedule for the volunteers to take turns to ensure that not only one person has the entire responsibility of maintaining the space used for worship.

Ready to Improve Your Church Management?

Now that you have our top tips to help your church management, you can start applying what you learned right away. It’s easy to only focus on preaching, worshipping, and making disciples when leading a church but you never want to forget to also take care of the things that happen behind the scenes to help the church run smoothly.

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