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Did you know that hair is the second-fastest-growing tissue in the body, after bone marrow? Our hair needs constant attention to stay looking great. But do you know how to give it the care it really needs?

If you are finding hair care a constant battle, then we can help. Read on as we give our seven must-know personal care for hair tips.

1. Know When to Wash

There is a lot of advice that says you should not wash your hair every day. In some cases, this can be true. However, it all depends on the individual and you should check to see how often your hair requires it.

Generally, the longer the hair or the older you become, the less you need to wash your hair. Of course, there are exceptions. Some people may need to wash every day, while some may be able to wash every three or four days.

As long as you are treating your hair well and following our other tips, it won’t damage you if you wash it every day. In fact, for some individuals, it could even make it stronger.

2. Shampoo and Massage

Massaging and shampooing your scalp has two major benefits. Firstly, a massage to the scalp is a way to relieve stress and help you relax. Combined with a hot bath or shower, it is the ultimate way to wash away a hectic day.

You can do this using the fingertips. Apply pressure to the crown, then move outwards around the rest of the head. Move-in small, concentric circles.

The second reason is that hair oil production and dead skin are on the scalp. This is where washing needs to be done, not further down the hair strands. This simply dries them out and makes them brittle.

3. Condition the Hair Strands

The hair strands and tips are where you should start to apply conditioner, not shampoo. The purpose of a conditioner is to hydrate and add moisture to the hair. You should not condition any higher than mid-length or you will create excessive oil build-up.

Comb the conditioner into the hair ends, to ensure it gets an even spread. Leave it to sit for a few minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water.

You should aim for a conditioner that uses natural care ingredients, such as aloe vera or jojoba oil. Try to avoid any two-in-one products. This should keep your hair nourished, light, and full of body.

4. Provide Nutrients Through Your Diet

Your hair needs nourishing not just through shampoo and conditioner, but through your body. This comes from the food you eat. If you are not having a healthy diet full of the right vitamins and minerals, then you can not expect your hair to stay healthy either.

Eating foods rich in good proteins. Vitamins A to K, along with iron and zinc also need to be in your diet. You can ensure you are getting them by taking supplements such as these chewy gummy hair vitamins for women.

As well as your diet, your lifestyle itself can impact your hair. You should ensure you are getting enough sleep, at least seven to nine hours per night. Without it, your body does not have time to heal and repair itself, including the hair on your head.

5. Change Your Bedding

It sounds crazy, but the material you sleep on has a huge impact on the health of your hair. Linen and cotton products can have rough textures that are harsh on the head. They also have super absorbent qualities, which can steal moisture.

Satin and silk are the best materials to use. They have soft, smooth surfaces that will not rub or tear hair follicles. They also do not retain moisture, meaning it stays firmly on the strands of your hair.

6. Don’t Apply Heat

Heat can really damage your hair, though it is not always possible to avoid drying without it. Try not to do it all the time, letting your hair air dry whenever you can.

If towel drying, then buy a microfibre towel. They have a smooth, soft surface that will cause less friction against your hair, reducing static and frizziness. They also absorb water faster than traditional towel types.

If you must use heat, then apply a thermal barrier, also known as a heat-protective spray. You will still get the same impact from blowdrying and using curling irons, but retain the health in your hair.

Another solution is to use a blowdryer adaptor. A diffuser can add extra space between your hair and the heat, saving it from heat damage.

7. Use Haircare Products

There are some hair care products that can keep your hair nourished by washing. The first of the personal care tips is to use hair oil.

There are a number of natural hair oils made from almond, coconut, and olive, which will work differently for each hair type. You may need to try a few to get the one that is right for your hair type.

If you hair is in a really bad state and you need a quick way to detox it, then apply a hair mask. These can be purchased, or you can make your own using natural ingredients. By using once or twice a week, you will soon see the goodness return to your scalp and hair follicles.

Creating a Personal Care Regime

Now you know these personal care for hair tips, create a weekly regime. Combine hair masks with washing times, some of which will include treatments and air drying. Soon, your hair will be full of shine and body.

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