5 Tips for Enhancing Your Website’s UI

If you own and run your own website, you’ll want to attract more visitors, and get people to stay on your site for longer. The best of doing this is by enhancing the user interface (UI). 

A great looking website that functions well will be easy for visitors to navigate. This, coupled with fantastic content, will ensure your site is primed for the maximum amount of visitors possible. 

But what exactly should you be doing to your site to improve its UI?

Let’s take a look at some tried and tested UI tips that are guaranteed to help you attract a wider audience. 

1. Optimize Your Page Load Speed

Nobody likes to visit a website that’s slow to load. If your site doesn’t load within the first few seconds of a visitor clicking on it, you’ll be very likely to lose them to your nearest competitor. 

In the days of high-speed broadband and 5G internet, you need a responsive site that loads instantly. To achieve this, head to Google’s Page Speed Insights and run a speed test. This will tell you what improvements you’ll need to make to boost your page speed. 

Possible ways to enhance your site speed include clearing your cache, using lazy load plugins, and compressing images. 

2. Make Your UI Design Consistent 

Your site should carry the same look and feel across all of its pages. A consistent site will mean that your visitors will know that they’re still on your site. Consistency means using the same buttons, similar images and illustrations, and opting for the same spacing between text. 

3. Keep It Simple

Don’t try and reinvent the wheel with your website, users expect certain things to be in the same place on all websites. A simple and intuitive design will make your site easier to navigate. 

Make your site too complex and your visitors won’t enjoy the experience and will leave and never come back. 

4. Use Catchy Headlines

Make sure you’re using captivating headlines that really make users want to read on to learn more. A catchy headline could be the difference between someone bothering to read your content, and them clicking off and heading to your competitor’s pages. 

5. Hire UI Services

If you don’t have the experience in building and designing websites, get someone that’s in the know to do it for you. Front end development software isn’t always the easiest to get to grips with, so hiring a professional developer will mean you get the site that you need. 

How to Enhance Your Website UI

Enhancing your website’s UI should be an ongoing mission. Take the time to ensure you’re using captivating headlines, a consistent design, and that all of your pages are simple and responsive. 

If you lack the skills or experience to develop your UI, don’t leave it to chance, hire the pros. 

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