Tips for choosing artwork for different rooms Tips for choosing artwork for different rooms

Homeowners are no longer settling for drab interiors that only serve a functional purpose. People are going all out with different elements that enhance their spaces to make them truly feel like they are home. Artwork is one of the main elements that people now pay attention to, more so with the many benefits it has been shown to have on mental health. Artwork also helps you define your personality and space while tying other decor pieces together.

Below is a guide that will help you choose the artwork for different rooms to make the best impression.


In most homes, the kitchen is a purely functional room devoid of artwork. Even so, you will be surprised with what art can do to this room touted as the heart of your home. The spaces above your cabinets and the countertops are some of those where you can incorporate some artwork. When choosing the pieces for your kitchen, opt for small pieces that will complement your space and lean towards social or funny prints that will make you smile.

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Your bedroom is a place for relaxation and retreat, so the art you pick for its walls should reflect these. Artwork in the bedroom is ideally placed on the wall opposite your bed or directly above the headboard. The best pieces are large ones enclosed by minimally-decorated frames and hung at eye level. Opt for abstracts in soothing tones or colors or desaturated or landscape photos if you love photography.

Home office

Gazing at art and design pieces is one of the best was to keep you inspired when working from home. For your home office, install a floating edge preferably close to or over your workstation on which you can place a few pieces. When picking your art, focus on the mood you want to exude in your office then pick the artists and images that embody it. It is also best to incorporate the artwork in frames of different sizes that add some character to your space.


This is another area where artwork is often neglected, but in which it can make a huge difference. When choosing art for your bathroom, aim to match its vibe. For example, in the main level powder room, stick to bright and fun pieces that will appeal to the many people with different tastes who will be using the room. For the master bathroom, settle for calming or serene pieces since this is where you will most likely relax in after a long day.

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Living room

Most people will go all out with the artwork for their living room because this is where most of their guests will spend time in. Choose the right pieces to evoke conversation in this room while showcasing your style. You can choose to have one large gallery wall with different frames to showcase your art or scatter it throughout the room. Either way, ensure the pieces match the other living room decor.

With the above tips, artwork will not just elevate your interior design, but can also boost your creativity and push you into painting something. The options you have for wall art for your home are virtually endless. You can choose murals, wallpapers, paintings, photographs, abstract art, 3D art, decals, posters and prints, among others.

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