Top tips for buying swimwear Top tips for buying swimwear

One-piece to two pieces. Halter neck to strapless. Matching kimono or self-tie sarong. When it comes to swimwear, the options are endless and, occasionally, a little daunting. After all, you want to make a good decision if you’re going to be wearing your swimwear – and not much else – in front of a whole host of strangers. With that in mind, we pull together the best pieces of advice to ensure that you get your swimwear shop right the first time around.

1. Know What You Like

Consider what you feel most comfortable in. While it’s great to take risks and try new styles, there’s no point buying something that you just won’t wear – or even worse, don’t feel good in. Perhaps you feel better in swim shorts, high cut bikini bottoms or a swim skirt? Or maybe you feel more comfortable in an all-in-one piece. Either way, make a note of what’s important to you and how certain styles made you feel to ensure that you make the right choice next time around. 

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2. Consider Various Sizes

Fashion sizing can differ depending on what you buy, where, and when. While consulting the size chart can be a great place to start, you may also find it beneficial to order a few different sizes to try on. Alternatively, take measurements from your bust, waist, and hips, and make sure the tape measure rests comfortably on your skin. This will provide you with accurate sizes. Customer service teams and the swimwear designer should also be able to help if you send in your measurements. 

Take a look at the material

3. Take a Look at the Material

It’s likely that you want your swimwear to be comfy, have a little stretch, and not be too warm – and this all comes down to the material. Nylon, lycra, or elastane – or a combination of – usually provide the best comfort and longevity. If you enjoy lots of swimming and water sports, you may find that a high-quality fabric that’s UV-resistant and oil-resistant helps your swimwear to last longer. What’s more, the color of the swimwear, its print, and its fabric can also determine how sheer it is. Take a look at reviews and see if you can find pictures online to determine this. 

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4. Don’t Overlook Design

It can be useful to think about what activities you’ll be doing in your swimwear as this may affect what sort of piece you opt for. For example, if you’re going to be sunbathing, large accessories and bows on the back might not be the most comfortable. Those who enjoy being active might want something a bit more covered to ensure everything stays in place. Alternatively, think about things you don’t like and go from there. You might find that bandeau tops always slip down. Instead, look for one with straps or an anti-slip silicone. Concerned about bigger busts? Search for swimwear with an in-built bra or adjustable straps.
With these tips, you should find shopping for swimwear easier. But remember, be bold, be brave and if you like a certain style, go for it!

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