Implement these tips after spending time in the sun Implement these tips after spending time in the sun

Feeling the sun’s warmth on your face probably feels divine. Whether it’s a long hike, picnic in the local park, or a day at the nearby beach, spending time in the sun is no doubt a good way of passing the day and obtaining some of the related benefits, including a boost in vitamin D.

However, in spite of the known benefits, repeated sun exposure could have damaging skin effects over time, causing wrinkles, premature aging, brown spots, and a dull appearance. For this reason, it’s imperative to give your skin the necessary attention with Beach Bum lotion after spending time in the sun. This way, you’ll protect your skin and reverse the damage’s effects.

Here’s how to take care of your skin after sun exposure.


Once you spend time outdoors, allergens and outdoor pollutants could attach to your skin and enter into your pores. Moreover, when you’re prone to generate more oil, especially during summer, your pores could get clogged easily.

Make sure to wash your face in order to eliminate the day’s debris and take a cool shower to remove the salt from the skin. If you’ve spent your day at the beach, keep in mind that saltwater droplets could cause skin dehydration.

Cleansing helps eliminate any unnecessary oil, dirt, and impurities on the skin’s surface. In turn, your skin will feel and look comfortable and clean. Reach for your favorite cleanser and make sure the cleansing extends to your body while showering.


After you dry off, moisturize your face and body. Sun tends to dry out the skin; therefore, you’ll have to rehydrate as soon as possible. Applying Beach Bum after sun lotion once you’ve spent time in the sun ensures your body stays moisturized and nourished.

The product comprises essential components such as vitamin E and C, which provide anti-oxidant protection after and before sun exposure at the beach. The best part is that the product is suitable for all kinds of skin, whether it’s dry, oily, or in between.


Sunbathing reduces your level of hydration, which could lead to dry skin, spots, and frown-lines. Water will rehydrate the skin, making it supple and soft while flushing out toxins that could mar your complexion.

Drink a lot of water while in the sun and after sun exposure. You could also use after sun lotion, which has hydrating agents such as panthenol.


You should wash your face after spending your day at the beach. Once sunscreen serves its purpose, it’s imperative you get it off quickly to prevent it from clogging your pores, together with saltwater, sand, and sweat. If you don’t have sunburns, perform a gentle exfoliation to relax built-up layers. Moisturize using light oil and be mindful of the products you use.

Dos and Don’ts during Sun Exposure

Do spend brief periods in the sun

The best time to spend in the sun is about noon when UVB rays have a likelihood of reaching your skin and boosting vitamin D generation.

Do select a safer sunscreen

Sunscreen offers a physical or chemical barrier against the rays of the sun. Ingredients matter when selecting a sunscreen because you’ll obtain sufficient protection without detrimental endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Beware of toxic ingredients, which could cause irritation or alter hormones.

Don’t ignore the skin around your face, eyes, and neck

A hat with a broad, neck guard or protective brim is a good way of protecting the delicate skin of your neck and face. Sunglasses are vital for eye protection against UV damage. You should remember your nose, lips, and ears as well.

Don’t get burnt

Avoid excess sun exposure, which results in blistering, redness, or peeling of the skin. This indicates excessive exposure, resulting in DNA damage, which could increase your likelihood of skin cancer.

While the sun offers various benefits, excess exposure could be detrimental. For this reason, you should adopt skincare tips after sun exposure. If you’re looking to hydrate your skin and avoid cellular damage, after-sun lotion from Return to Eden Cosmetics is ideal.

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