What To Look For In A Children's Dance Class

3 Things to Look For in a Children’s Dance Class

Does your child love to dance?

It’s no surprise if they do. Studies show that 35% of girls and 8% of boys include dancing as part of their weekly physical activities. With the rise of YouTube, TikTok, and celebrity dance-offs, there’s more interest in dance than ever before!

The question is: How can you foster your child’s love of dance? Here are three things to consider to help you find the perfect dance class for your little one.

  1. The Type of Dance

If you Google “children’s dance class,” you’ll quickly feel overwhelmed by the number of options available. The most common ones include:

  • Ballet
  • Tap dancing
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Modern dance
  • Creative movement

The best dance class for your child depends much on their age, ability, and interest. Toddler dance classes often include an introduction to many different types of dance so you can gauge your child’s level of interest.

Of course, you might already know what type of dance they enjoy most. If your little girl loves to twirl around on tiptoe, ballet is the logical choice. If your child has other interests like music or acting, they might excel in a classic jazz or tap dancing course.

  1. Your Child’s Age

As this post from sanelijo dance points out, dance is an amazing way to boost your child’s creativity, emotional development, and physical health. Like many parents, though, you may wonder when is the best time for your child to start dance lessons.

The answer is: It depends.

Many dance studios start students as young as three or four years old. These toddler dance classes focus more on basic coordination and dancing “for fun” than learning any real technique.

By the time your child is five or six, they’re probably ready for a more structured class. Many instructors recommend starting with ballet classes around this age, as the basics of ballet cross over into all other forms of dance.

  1. The Dance Studio & Teachers

Before you start looking at dance studios, consider what your child wants to get out of their dance class.

Do they just want to do something active, have fun, and make new friends? Or are they serious about mastering their technique, competing in dance competitions, or even becoming a professional dancer?

Your goal is to find a dance studio whose ideals and goals align with your own (and your child’s). When you tour the studio, ask questions like:

  • What are the teachers’ qualifications?
  • What’s their philosophy and approach to dancing?
  • What’s the student-to-teacher ratio?
  • Are students expected to dance in performances or enter competitions?
  • Are the floors properly cushioned to prevent injury?

The studio itself should be clean and orderly. You should feel an instant rapport with the teachers and their philosophies about dance. If possible, arrange to watch a live class so you can see the teachers and students in action.

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Find the Perfect Dance Class for Your Child

Dance lessons are a beloved part of life for many children (and their parents). If your little one loves to dance, cultivate that interest by signing them up for a dance class in your area!

Now that you know how to find the best dance studios, what’s next? Keep browsing our site for more great advice about family and lifestyle.

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