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Looking forward to welcoming your bundle of joy to the great city of Austin? If so, congratulations! We’re glad this happened in Austin. Voted the most livable city in the U.S. for three consecutive years, Austin is perfect for anyone with or planning to have kids.

This is thanks to the low unemployment and poverty rates, reputable public schools, and a ton of family entertainment options. But don’t forget babies grow up fast. In a short while, the cute baby that you’re struggling to lure to sleep will be all grown up.

Newborn photography is the only way to freeze time and hold on to the beautiful moments when your baby was still a baby. Here’s how to ensure you choose the best newborn photographer in Austin.

1. Consider the Shooting Style

There are various styles of newborn photography. All of them are great and will enable you to freeze a moment in time and hold on to the memories of your child’s first days on earth. Therefore, it is up to you to find out the kind of style that you like before you start your search for a newborn photographer in Austin.

If you find yourself drooling over photos of cute newborn babies wrapped and posed on blankets while asleep, you’re better off with a photographer who specializes in “posed” newborn photography. But if you like photographs of newborns that capture them in their natural setting, a lifestyle newborn photographer is the perfect fit for you.

2. Safety

Whether you choose to do a posed or a lifestyle newborn shoot, the safety of your child is paramount. Note this isn’t just any child but a newborn. They are still unable to hold their head in place and will need proper support. Also, a newborn’s body cannot regulate its temperature, and it’s easy to become overheated or dehydration.

On top of that, newborns usually have a higher affinity to choking, suffocation, SIDS, and injuries. Posing them anyhow only puts them at risk. The worst bit about this is that a newborn can’t talk, so it’s hard to figure out when they are not okay. In that light, ensure the photographer you choose prioritizes the safety of your newborn.

3. Location

Another essential factor to consider is where the shoot will be taking place. Most posed photo sessions usually take place in the studio as they require props. Lifestyle photoshoots, on the other hand, usually take place in the comfort of your home. Both locations pack their perks, and it all depends on your current situation.

If you prefer posed, but the thought of leaving your house during post-partum doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you’re better off with lifestyle photography. However, note, some posed photographers are mobile and will often come to you. However, the shoot might not be as good as you want due to limited props. Therefore, weigh this factor carefully before deciding what suits you.

4. Experience

Newborn photographs are like a prized possession. They help you capture the most delicate moments of your child’s life. Therefore, it’s essential to hire a well-established photographer. You can be sure that you’ll get high-quality photographs that you and your baby can look back at years to come and smile. To weigh the experience of a photographer, make sure you take a look at their portfolio so you can have a good idea of what to expect from the shoot.

Newborn photography is a great way to hold on to your parenthood memories, but finding the perfect newborn photographer in Austin can be quite tough. With the tips above, it should be a tad bit easier.

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