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Any user can download, burn, edit, compress, and transfer videos with UniConverter, a complete video converter. An all-in-one platform for creating and editing videos is also available. In our UniConverter review, we found that this tool supports roughly a thousand different video conversion formats. In addition, compared to other video converters, its processing time is extremely quick. For instance, compared to other video converters, its speed is thirty times faster. Furthermore, you can burn DVD and Blu-Ray format CDs with this online video converter. Lastly, it allows you to download videos from the Internet and transfer them to your mobile device. This is a tremendously potent instrument that is frequently referred to as an ultimate. You can edit, combine, or crop clips with UniConverter to meet your needs. Add subtitles is another option for your videos.

Additionally, you can watermark your photographs with the help of this program to give them a personalized appearance. Over a thousand different video formats for conversion are available in UniConverter. The popular ones include JPG, WMV, FLV, MPG, and MP4. To make your DVD appear lovely and distinctive, you can utilize the DVD menu templates provided by this application.

Uniconverter 14

Reviews of Wondershare video converter

The Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate was the previous name for UniConverter. WondershareUniConverter is an effective program that enables you to convert videos, burn DVDs, and produce and edit videos. Compared to other video conversion software, its speed at converting videos is 30 times faster. Additionally, it doesn’t degrade the quality of converted videos. According to a UniConverter review, you may also use this program to capture audio and video snippets without using a separate recorder. But let’s look for more!

The complete toolset for your videos is UniConverter.

Toolset for your videos is uniconverter

A program used to convert videos is called UniConverter, formerly known as WondershareVideo Converter Ultimate. It supports more than a thousand different formats and gadgets, and it processes data 30 times more quickly than other video converters. This app allows you to record or download videos, rip or burn DVDs, and watch videos. Without sacrificing video quality, the Uniconverter online tool enables you to convert, edit, download, and burn videos.

You can use this program to download or record your favorite videos from websites like Dailymotion and YouTube. After downloading them, you can view them offline. This tool will be highly beneficial if you are a beginning filmmaker who is passionate about creating quality home videos. Additionally, you may copy and convert your home DVD with the Uniconverter online software, burn DVDs, and edit DVD files with just a few clicks. It is incredibly simple to use.


  • Very user-friendly
  • Its user interface is friendly.
  • Videos are converted without losing quality.
  • It can convert videos quickly.
  • The application is updated frequently.
  • It works wonders for assisting people in downloading videos from several websites.


  • Using this tool to convert some Apple or iPhone photographs or movies could occasionally prove challenging.
  • Despite being able to zoom in on the file and perform the edits in a split second, the trimming part of generating videos can be fairly challenging at times.
  • The WondershareUniconverter utility can be utilized in a variety of ways. We’ll demonstrate several uses for this tool for you.

Features of UniConverter

You can explore a ton of incredible features in UniConverter. Among them are:

  1. Ability to record your computer screen or web videos
  2. You can utilize the built-in video recorder in UniConverter to capture online streaming content from sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Show max. Use Uniconverter to make instructive videos, record Skype calls for later listening, or record incredible game moments.
  3. Download videos in any format from more than 10,000 websites.
  4. Additionally, you can download videos with Uniconverter from a variety of websites, including Hulu, Vimeo, Lynda, AOL, YouTube, BlipTV, Metacafe, Break, and others. Additionally, you may quickly download YouTube directly to MP3 or download YouTube playlists in various batches. Subtitles are also available for download via YouTube. 30 times faster speed for video converting
  5. To convert videos, use Uniconverter. Compared to other video converters, it is thirty times faster. And the wonderful thing about this program is that after the converting process, the quality of your films won’t be compromised.

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Wondershare You can convert videos with the well-liked and reliable program UniConverter to any format of your preference. Using WondershareUniConverter, you may convert a huge number of videos. It supports a wide variety of video file formats, including new 4K codecs like H.265, as well as HD and traditional codec types. You can transcode videos for use with popular mobile devices and virtual reality headsets. This program lets you edit and crop films, add hardcoded subtitles during converting, and use filters. It has a fantastic user interface. Additionally, using the app is quite easy. According to our assessment of UniConverter, there are countless ways you can benefit from using this program. Consequently, you should evaluate this app.

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