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One of the most critical aspects of creating your digital presence is finding the right hosting service suitable for your business and site’s needs. While there are tons of hosting services available to help you market your business, not everyone has the same features. Some are intended to support startup sites while others are dedicated only to one.

With essential factors in mind, it’s easier for you to reconsider your options and choose the best hosting provider suitable for upscaling your business. There are five vital elements when selecting your WordPress subscription to have higher future success.

Why Do You Need A Website Host Provider?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used by bloggers, startup businesses, and large corporations in the digital world. Most web hosting providers are compatible with WordPress or meet minimum requirements if you decide to run your website on this platform. However, there are essential factors that you need to consider to make sure your website is performing well, and visitors can easily find your site.

WordPress has specific requirements when it comes to choosing a web host for your business. While there are various hosting services, choosing a dedicated WordPress hosting is essential because not all web host types are equal. You can check Mangomatter for a complete list of recommended web hosting services suitable for WordPress sites, so you don’t need to go over trial and error options to find which one is better. That way, your effort, time, and money won’t be turned into waste and start building a profitable business.

5 Essential Aspects To Consider When Choosing Your WordPress Subscription

Whether you plan to go with managed hosting, shared hosting, or dedicated hosting for your website, here’s what to keep in mind.

1. Installation Process

It varies fo5r individual experience, comfort level, and web host plan you’re planning to get. The WordPress installation process can be a vital factor when choosing a web hosting that offers a ‘1-click’ WordPress installation method into your account’s control panel. The procedure involves form fill out on your business information or preferred login details.

Your chosen server then takes care of database creation for website and WordPress installation. While others prefer manual WordPress installation, the process can be complicated for beginners, and it’s convenient to do the automatic installation. It’s a measure of demand or preference and convenience, whether you go for manual or automatic control.

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2. Themes, Plugins, and Core Updates

Depending on the web host and hosting you’re planning to work with, keeping up on the latest wordPress updates should not be complicated on your end. While updates come handy, you need to make sure that your site is up-to-date with the latest software and security to prevent exposure to loopholes that can significantly affect your website.

Check for a web host that enables you to run updates into the dashboard without connecting to an FTP. The process is quick and straightforward.

3. Hosting Services, Policies, and Backup Features

Understanding how and when your web host providers create backups can save your files and prevent frustrations of losing sensitive or important site data. While security policies and backups vary hosting plans, these must be apparent factors before subscribing to a website hosting provider.

Next is to determine whether there are backup fees applied by your web host provider. While keeping all the tasks to your chosen web host provider, it’s also essential to know how to avoid future catastrophes.

4. Security and Uptime

With the ever-growing digital threats, businesses and websites need to have high-end security. A reliable web host provides security features suitable to the needs of your website protected from data breaches. Consider the following features like frequent backups, updated security software against hackers or malware, SSL certificates, secured transaction fees, etc.

Your web host provider should also offer guaranteed 99.99% uptime to keep your website online and prevent service interruptions or downtime.

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5. Availability and Technical Support

Check the technical experts’ availability to assist you with any queries regarding your website or the service they offer. Check accessibility and find a web host that can help you 24/7 or gets back to you as soon as possible and solve any encountered issues.


These factors are essential for most beginners when setting up your website, especially if you are still learning the ins and out of WordPress. With a top-rated, credible, and reliable web host, you’ll have a working and profitable website in no time. Ensure that the price range of your web host matches your proposed budget.

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