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Cars have significantly increased the convenience in our lives as we can easily cover long distances both for work and leisure in an enjoyable manner. But, they have their own set of challenges as the number of car accidents has also increased in the last couple of decades.

Whenever you get behind the wheel of a car, statistically, there is a considerable likelihood of you getting into a car accident. Therefore, it is high time that we analyze here the most common reasons behind this deadly trend so that your road safety can be ensured.

1. Driving With Distractions

Modern man has a whole gamut of distractions, and therefore, a significant number of accidents happen because of distractions like sending texts, answering phone calls, and eating food while driving. Moreover, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs is also cited as one of the major distractions that cause car accidents because such intoxications compromise the motor and cognitive skills of the driver.

Therefore, if you do not wish to bear the enormous cost of a competent attorney like the DUI lawyer in Toledo, OH, then you better take caution against using these substances while driving

2. Disregarding Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are in place to keep you safe, and carelessness around them can seriously increase the chances of you crashing your car.

  • Speeding: You may feel that you are perfectly capable of maneuvering the car above the speed limit. But, in case of any mishap on the road, you will always have lesser time to react and, therefore, will be more vulnerable to suffer a potentially fatal accident.
  • Breaking Traffic Signals: Running red lights is the cause of a significant number of car accidents annually. It has the potential to do more damage to others than yourself because you will be hitting law-abiding drivers at high speeds in side collisions.
  • Running stop signs: Stop signs are placed at sensitive areas that are accident-prone, and therefore disregarding them leads to a considerable number of roll-over accidents every year.
  •  Teenage Driving: The age limit for drivers is set after much research, and teenagers are not known for caution and carefulness and are therefore prone to cause car accidents.

3. Reckless Driving

Driving a car is a dangerous proposition, and those risks must be respected because recklessness on the roads causes a high number of car accidents every year.

  • Reckless Turns: There is a specific set of instructions like speed and lane that must be followed while taking turns because turning at high speeds and from wrong lanes can cause your car to tilt or hit another vehicle.
  • Reckless lane changing: Recklessly barging into other lanes without considering turn signals and blind spots also lead to car accidents.
  • Tailgating: In traffic rules, they say that mostly the fault lies with the driver that hits you from behind. Reckless drivers keep their cars so close to the next vehicle that they do not have the time to apply brakes in case of any emergency, and they end up smashing the car in front.

4. Unforeseeable Circumstances

Other than the apparent causes, there are several unforeseen and sometimes uncontrollable circumstances that cause a significant number of car accidents every year.

  • Potholes: Even driving under the speed limit can make you lose control of the car when you run over the potholes, therefore, keep your eyes religiously on the road to avoid such accidents.
  • Tire blowouts: Keep checking the integrity of your tires regularly because tire blowouts cause several accidents, especially in summers.

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