The Complete Guide to Booking Entertainment for Your Big Event

When you’re planning a party or celebration, you need to add musical entertainment to your list of priorities. Whether you’re getting things lined up for a wedding or corporate fundraiser, music can define the experience. Choose from danceable bands or jazz quartets, but most importantly, choose your music wisely.

Read on to find the complete guide to booking entertainment for your big event!

Determine the Right Type of Music 

Do you want upbeat music that will have your guests dancing? Or are you looking for atmospheric piano music to allow for conversations? Before you get too deep into planning, consider what style of music is appropriate for your event. 

An outdoor wedding on a hot summer day in the country may call for a rousing bluegrass band to keep the energy levels high. As an alternative, a throwback band capable of playing requests is a great choice for any event with a dance floor!

Vocals can give focus to a musical act, but they also can be distracting. And remember that if you go with a larger ensemble, it may ratchet up the price.

Booking Entertainment Means Considering Your Budget

Ultimately, your budget may dictate your options. A well-known musician could charge thousands of dollars, if not more, for a booking. Lesser-known acts might not command the same attraction, but you could knab quality musicians at a steal. 

Look at your other costs, too. For instance, you may need to pay for catering, venue rentals, and decorations. Figure out your priorities and look for opportunities to trim costs.

Hear the Music Before You Book a Band

Wondering how to select a band? Listen to them first. You can ask a musical group for a demo clip, but you may be able to find samples easily online.

You’re bound to find some strong options if you do an internet search for bands for hire near me. Visit websites to look for sample tracks. Make sure someone else involved listens, too, to ensure that you’re not letting personal preferences cloud your judgment.

Know the Contract Terms

When it comes to knowing how to select a band, be ready to negotiate. Know how many hours you need or what specific songs you want to hear. And be prepared to make a counteroffer when they throw you a quote!

Make sure you know what an initial deposit guarantees. Also, be aware of their contingency plan. If the lead singer gets sick, do you get a refund or will the band be able to make a substitution that won’t hurt the quality?

If the musical group has an existing contract, look over it carefully. Check all dates, payment deadlines, and policies. Get any answers to questions in writing.

Find the Perfect Music Group for Your Event

Booking entertainment boils down to budget, musical preferences, and event needs. In other words, you need to commit time on the front end to understanding who your guests will be and what they prefer to hear. And you need to map out expectations for your musicians that are detailed in a contract.

For more tips to plan your next events, check back for new articles.

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