Restaurant industry technological trends min Restaurant industry technological trends min

The dining experience has remained pretty much the same for quite some time now. However, like most other industries, we’re starting to see technology transforming the way we dine. In this new world of social distancing and lockdown regulations, the need for innovation is at an all-time high.

Read on to find out how robotics and digital tools are changing the way we eat out, as well as the new appliances and applications that are making their way into restaurants.

Interactive Kiosks

Gone are the days when customers needed waiters and waitresses at every point of their dining experience. We now have self-ordering kiosks that not only give information, but they also allow people to do things like place orders while restaurants can take payments and even advertise.

This results in restaurants needing less staff to serve customers, queues are shortened, and more people can be served in less time. With the internet of things becoming the norm in every business, restaurants can even invest in wireless kiosks which not only help to create a better customer experience but can add more convenience to an already convenient solution.

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Automated Stock Control

Nobody throws out food the way dining establishments do. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, restaurants do not have to waste so much of their inventory anymore.

Tasks like recording stock intake, knowing how much to expect, and buying more stock can all be delegated to a computer now. This not only saves time and energy, but accuracy in stock control and procurement means lower costs and higher profit.

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Scan and Go

If you thought speed points were ground-breaking payment technology, you need to look into QR codes. Making use of the fact that most customers have a smartphone, anybody can just scan their way to what they want now, all from swiping their phone.

Barcodes on surfaces like tables or posters on the wall can be snapped from someone’s phone, helping them to do everything from seeing what you have on offer, to paying for products and services. The good thing about this technology is how cost-effective it is. The restaurateur just makes printouts of the code, and all the customer needs is a camera phone. It is as easy as that!

Online Reservations

There is no need for talking anymore. Patrons can book a reservation without looking for a number to make a call. Rather than checking with someone, a process which can be uncomfortable and open to error, they now have the power to make their own bookings.

Not only is this convenient, but valuable data can be collected, making it easier to cater both to return customers and first timers. Different information is stored to give valuable insight, helping you conduct market research without lifting a finger.

Technology trends in the restaurant industry min

Delivery Apps

Customers love to be served quickly and easily. While restaurants spend a bundle on interior design and rightly prioritize ambience, the most important thing is to get the food to the customer in a timely and effective manner.

There is no need to go and have an app built. You don’t even have to physically hire delivery bikes and drivers to get food to your customer’s doorstep. There are platforms that’ll take care of all of that.

It’s good to have different options on offer for all kinds of customers, and this innovation does just that.

Air Filtration Systems

Thanks to technology, restaurants don’t have to feel stuffy while going out. It’s important to note this because when there’s cooking going on and several people under the same roof, then clean air cannot be overstated.

The good news is that there are air filtration devices available on the market right now, and the entire hospitality industry is set to benefit.  Proper sanitation is a priority in this sector, as evidenced by regular health inspections that are done to ensure that standards are up to par. Now more than ever, such technologies are proving to be useful.

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The Gravy Train

There’s no use in ignoring the changes, the traditional restaurant set-up is on the path to extinction. Using technology for businesses, especially in the food and beverage industry, helping brands to stand out from their competitors.

Now is the time to bring new meaning to what a restaurant can be or how it’s supposed to operate. The transformation is exciting for everyone, and we’re only going to see machines and computers play an even bigger role in how we have our dinner dates. Doesn’t the future seem delicious?

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