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Whether you’re buying a gadget for the first time or you’re upgrading, the Cyber Monday tech deals are something you must look forward to. But if you have no prior experience with this event, you won’t know which outlets offer it. This leads you to feel lost and end up getting subpar deals for your desired gadget.

Don’t panic yet.

With this guide, you’ll learn everything about Cyber Monday deals 2020. That way, you’ll know what to do when it happens. Read on and find out more:

What is Cyber Monday 2020?

Cyber Monday was originally Black Friday’s online version. This meant online retailers handed out big discounts that aim to match or surpass their brick-and-mortar competitors. Now, Cyber Monday surpassed Black Friday, becoming the greatest shopping day of the year, with over $9 billion in sales in 2019 — a 19% increase from the previous year.

This unofficial holiday started in 2005, and it focused on online sales as opposed to the physical store focus of Black Friday. Shopping habits shifted, with most shoppers now favoring the internet as their source. With the current health crisis, this became even more prominent, meaning most now expect both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to focus online.

Regardless, Cyber Monday enables you to save a lot on gifts. After all, the holiday season is almost at hand. If you have a large family in need of new gadgets this Christmas, you can count on this event to lighten your financial burden.

When is Cyber Monday 2020?

With a deeper understanding of what Cyber Monday is, you’re likely looking forward to its date. As a general rule, this event happens the week following Black Friday. This year, Cyber Monday will start on November 30 at midnight.

Some outlets are kind enough to break the guidelines and start their sales as early as Saturday, the morning right after Black Friday concludes. This is great news since it allows you to get things you missed while getting back on your feet after Thanksgiving.

How Long Does Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday used to take place exclusively on Mondays at their scheduled times. Now, with everyone mostly at home, it’s likely for it to last longer. Some of them might even last until the week concludes.

For example, some major outlets will have Cyber Monday deals from November 30 to December 4. Some Cyber Monday markdowns have the “Doorbuster” category. These often have restrictions depending on the available stock and exclusively within the day.

What’s Better: Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Most Americans will likely stick to online shopping in 2020 because of the current situation. That’s why in most cases, debating about the best shopping holiday is moot. After all, both events will have a predominantly online focus, meaning lots of deals can overlap.

This overlap can happen on such a scale that some Black Friday deals transform into Cyber Monday deals when the time comes. If you’re one of the millions of people living in the United States, it’s better to take advantage of both holidays. You’re likely to see various products getting better discounts on a particular day, with retailers offering various deals.

In most cases, you can expect more discounts on big household items like TVs, kitchen appliances, and laptops on Black Friday. But if you’re looking to buy last year’s phone and gadgets, smart home components, digital subscriptions, and other gift cards, you’re likely to benefit more during Cyber Monday.

What Should You Buy During Cyber Monday?

If retailers offer Black Friday deals, it’s almost a guarantee that it will put up offers on Cyber Monday too. For example, Lenovo’s online store is likely to offer Cyber Monday deals. You can click to find out more about which laptop models can save you lots of money when the time comes.

Regardless, you’re likely to see massive discounts on some direct-to-consumer products. This becomes even more apparent when you check the products on retail startup outlets. The best part is that most businesses will convert Cyber Monday into Cyber Week instead.

Will Cyber Monday Shipping Get Delayed?

Shopping holidays always result in shipping delays, and 2020’s Cyber Monday is not an exception. That’s why you must expect both shipping problems and low inventory during both shopping holidays. The worst part is that it’s likely to affect the weeks that follow.

To avoid getting delayed, some major retail outlets offer both in-store pickup and curbside pickup options. This means you can grab your orders at the nearest retail location. This is possible as long as that retailer branch has the items in stock.

How to Select the Best Cyber Monday Deals

Even with the highly-discounted rates, you must have standards when buying products during Cyber Monday. That’s why pick products that meet your standards, like products you either used before or researched thoroughly. Always compare the prices among top retailers and pick those with better deals, excluding discounts that come from using certain credit cards.

If you want hard numbers, the best deals should be at least 20% off. Some deals are exempt from this rule, especially if they give lots of value to your home or rarely get discounts.

Top Stores for the Best Cyber Monday Deals 2020

The best part of Cyber Week is getting lots of active deals throughout its duration. This gives you more time to buy the products you desire. With almost all online retailers joining this shopping holiday, you must learn about the best stores out there.

Here are some you must look out for:

1. Amazon

This is the largest online retailer in the United States, meaning it offers a vast number of deals come Cyber Monday. In last year’s event, Amazon netted over four times the sales of its second-place competitor.

Your only problem is the overwhelming number of deals, some of which are Lightning Deals. It means you must have the patience to go through these offers as the week progresses. Even if you find sales for all kinds of products, you’ll find that Amazon offers the best deals for smart home gadgets, toys, and clothes.

2. Walmart

Compared to Amazon, Walmart’s number of sales is far fewer. But if you’re aiming to buy toys to gift to your children this Christmas, this retail giant is your best bet. Look for brands offering massive discounts, like Barbie, Fisher-Price, Playmobil, Funko, and LEGO.

To save even more, pick in-store pickup. That way, you need not pay shipping fees on items exempt from the company’s free shipping option.

3. Target

This retail outlet sells various products, and it can offer discounts on everything during Cyber Mondays. Last year, their discounts weren’t as impressive since they only offered discounts on select products. But this year, look forward to Target’s Cyber Monday deals since it’s likely for them to offer free shipping and discounts to all products.

For bedding and bath products, you can expect their prices to drop by up to 40% this year. But to get to the holiday spirit, Target lets you save $50 for every $100 worth of items like Christmas trees, ornaments, and lights. Regardless, other retailers offer better sitewide deals, but the caveat is that they have a narrower product range.

4. Dell

Dell is the place to go if you’re looking for great computer deals since they offer a lot during Cyber Week. That means you can expect a wide array of options, regardless of your budget. They have wallet-friendly machines and higher-performance models to help you find the perfect unit.

The good news is that this company offers excellent TV deals too. They have 4K TVs with sizes ranging from 55” to 75”. The only catch is that some of the discounts will come as a high-dollar gift card for available Dell products.

This means if you decide not to use the gift card, the TV prices are average.

5. eBay

Cyber Monday isn’t the best time for an eBay deal since last year only 16% of their listings had discounts on that day. But as the week progresses, you’ll find lots of great deals, especially for gadgets like smartphones. The sad fact is that eBay is the best choice only if you’re looking for refurbished products and open-box deals.

When you shop here on Cyber Monday, ask about the products’ warranty and return policy. Even with this, know that most of the product offerings are in great condition. The best part is that they often come at extra-discounted prices you’ll surely love.

Get the Best Cyber Monday Deals 2020 Today!

These are some of the things you must know about Cyber Monday. That way, you’ll spend less now to save more money later. Don’t hesitate to use the retail outlets we listed as a starting point for your deal hunting.

Did this guide encourage you to get some Cyber Monday deals 2020? If so, read our other tech guides right here and learn more.

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