Trendingus top 10 summer holiday destinations Trendingus top 10 summer holiday destinations

Have you ever been to an island of your dream? We have prepared short and clear presentations of best islands of Europe. Everyone can find his perfect destination whether it is a place for a romantic trip, family vacation or being on your own in a total calmness and peace.

Corsica, France. Mediterranean Sea

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Corsica is an island with a long history. After being ruled by Genoa, Pisa, and France, now it has an autonomic status with its own Corsican language. Citizens claim that this is the Island of Freedom.

It is famous for its fantastic landscapes, a mountain in mid-ocean, windsurfing, diving and popular tourist trails, including the varsity-level GR 20. Lovers of calm rest will also find a lot of beautiful bays and sequester desert beaches.

Tenerife, Spain. The Atlantic Ocean.

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This is one of the largest island of the seven Canary Islands and one the most popular world’s destination. It is known by its Carnivals such as Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

People of all over the world come here to contemplate famous sunsets at the beach with golden sand, to surf or to dive to see the richness of flora and fauna of the Atlantic Ocean.

Aruba, Kingdom of The Netherlands. Caribbean Sea

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Aruba is a constituent country in the South of Caribbean Sea. It is also called Dutch Caribbean but what differs Aruba from other Caribbean’s is the climate – here it is dry which always promises the sunny and warm weather to the tourists. Local citizens don’t know what the rainy season looks like.

This is a paradise of picturesque coral reefs, sportfishing, and crystal-clear beaches.

Sardinia, Italy. The Mediterranean Sea.

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Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. In addition to nature and climate treasures, this island is valuable by its places of interest – national parks and heritage site Su Nuraxi. The status given by UNESCO is speaking for itself.

The tour to Su Nuraxi can take a day trip from the capital Cagliari. You can also find a research paper to obtain the information about this place, however visiting this settlement of Nuragic is the best chance to learn more about the history of Sardinia.

Madeira, Portugal. Atlantic Ocean

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If you like mountains more than beaches – Madeira will be the most attractive for you. It’s a perfect place for adventurous road trips by car or hiking. Here you should also try riding a cable car or taking a wicker toboggan, which is a simple and funny way of transportation since 1850.

Madeira is adored by its cheap and delicious gourmet food and a wide range of exotic fruits. Don’t forget to try tiny Madeira bananas, which are much sweeter than the bigger ones.


Mljet, Croatia. Adriatic Sea

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If you wish to fill your holidays with a lush greenery – travel to Mljet, the most seductive islands covered by forests and vineyards, the relaxing oasis of peace and rest.

One the most popular Malet’s attraction is the National Park where you can enjoy kayaking and swimming in two salt water lakes – a large one Veliko and a small one – Malo Jezero.


Gozo, Malta. Mediterranean Sea

Gozo trendingus

The life rhythm and style depends on a season on Gozo. It is a rare place for tourists and the holidays in winter are slow and calm. In April-May, nature here wakes up, and people come to see this mysterious site. Despite the historical and natural heritage of this place, Gozo is still considered as a seaside resort.

Relying on a Homer’s Legend, Odysseus couldn’t leave this place for seven years because the island enchanted him too much. Maybe some magic will happen to you here?


Rhodes, Greece. Aegean Sea

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This island doesn’t need to be advertised as it is admitted by thousand tourists as one of the best travel destinations. It combines everything: architecture, history, nature, and culture.

Rhodes is a place of healthy beautiful people and sports at the international level: sailing, cycling, tennis, rugby using some great rugby union betting tips, water polo, volleyball, basketball, etc.


Majorca or Mallorca, Spain.

The Mediterranean Sea.

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Azure views, wide sandy beaches, unequaled mountains and sunny town hills, olive, and almond groves – all this you will find on Majorca.

Aborigines honor the traditions of this place. They re-build ancient semi-ruined houses with old roofs and turn them into the places where the love and respect for their history live – they invite people from all the world to feel this atmosphere.


Capri, Italy

Mediterranean Sea

Hollywood stars, famous writers, and singers – they choose Capri for its hedonistic and bohemian style of life. If you wish to be part of this glamorous life, be ready to meet high prices for everything: living, food, excursions. Filled with grand villas, expensive boutiques, and VIP restaurants, Capri shines in all its beauty and luxury.

Hopefully, this article with best vacation destinations in the world will help you to find a place up your alley.


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