4 Steps to Choose the Best TV for Movies

The number of TVs in homes across the country now stands at 121 million.

The process of buying a television has become complicated these days. That’s because the technologies and models of the best TVs have increased significantly over the last few years. Moreover, the prices vary from one TV manufacturer to another.

So how can you buy the best TV? Here is what you need to know before you buy a TV.

Determine Your Budget

The number of features generally increases with the price. While the prices remain high, you can still get a decent 4K TV with lots of features at a low price. It’s possible to get a 4K Smart TV with more than 42 inches going for less than $1000.

Nevertheless, your ultimate budget will determine the features and size of your TV.
If you spend more money, you’re likely to get better contrast and an abundant color spectrum. Your new TV will also be larger and have deeper blacks.

Select Your Ideal Size

When TV first entered the scene, people would choose a TV based on the size of their sofa. If a TV was too far away from the couch, it couldn’t be clear enough. Today, this has changed because you can view 4K TVs from far away.

Nowadays, the bigger the size of the TV, the better it is. The ideal size usually starts from 32 inches but can go to 100 inches.

Choose LED or OLED

You’ll then have to choose if you want your TV to be using LED or OLED technology. OLED will cost more, but it’ll provide superior picture quality. For instance, its 4K model offers a spectacular watching experience.

LEDs can also provide a better viewing experience, but they don’t compare with OLED. The main advantage of LED TVs is that they are cheaper and provide a better sound system.

If your budget is meager, you may have to select plasma TVs. These are old models and may not have the best picture quality.

TV Resolution

TV resolution refers to the number of pixels per square inch. The more pixels per square inch, the better the resolution. For instance, there are 6 million pixels in a 4k TV.

1080p can also be a good choice if your budget is limited. You will benefit from more spectacular pictures and sharper pixels. That is because the TV will have more than 2 million pixels.

If your budget allows, you can go for the 8K TV. This one comes complete with 8 million pixels. They are also usually larger but cost a lot of money. Consequently, you may need to install a TV mount for such large screens.

Use Our Tips to Choose the Best TV

A TV is one of those investments that you will make once every few years. As a result, it is important to make the correct decision before you buy your TV. You can use the tips we have listed above to choose the best TV.

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