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You’re lying in Savasana after yet another transformative yoga class. Your body’s mush on the mat, you’re floating over your body and you realize you’re crying for no logical reason. Welcome to yoga.

You wonder if anyone’s felt this way. The answer is yes. It’s these profound experiences that made a 20 million-member yogi community in America. 

It’s these profound experiences that made you realize you belong on the other side of the room: teaching. If you’ve ever considered becoming a yoga instructor, you’re well on your way already. 

Here’s how to do it.

1. Self Inquiry

Yoga is a practice of deep self-reflection. Therefore, yoga training is less about learning textbook protocol, and more about what you bring to the table. 

Ask yourself:

  1. What type of yoga am I most drawn to?
  2. What do I want to offer my classes?
  3. Where can I stand out in my facilitation?
  4. What’s my main focus? Postural accuracy? Body awareness? Breathing meditations? Spirituality? Detoxing?
  5. What do I feel is the theme or core of my practice?

Getting clear about your intention will set the stage for becoming a yoga teacher.

2. Experiential Research 

If you don’t have a clear answer to the first question, you’ll want to get back to your mat. If you’ve found yourself hopping between different forms of yoga, consider your upcoming classes to be experiential research.

Gathering intel firsthand is a strategic way to learn what’s out there and scope out your niche. Bringing your curiosities to the mat can allow for your answers to reveal themselves with greater clarity.

3. Teacher Training

While there are endless options for teacher training, the latest is to become a yoga instructor online. For example, doing online yoga teacher training with Blooming Lotus Yoga is an easy and immediate way for connection, education, and making your dream come true with one click.

It can be that easy. So the question becomes, are you ready for it?

4. Network, Build, Market

While it’s essential to get yoga certified, training is just the beginning. The rest is up to you! Connecting with family, friends, and your fellow yogi community will help you find the right studios for you to teach in.

5. Be Uniquely You

While yoga has standard guidelines, the teacher makes the class. Fostering connections with your yogis and having clear intentions for your classes will make all the difference. Beyond holding poses and breathing, yoga is entirely about how you hold the space for others.

6. Live the Practice

Yoga is about relating to life off the mat. Students can tell the difference between those who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

Authenticity, honesty, and transparency radiate through your practice. Living your life through a yogic lens means applying its principles to your own life. Being genuine and relatable will ensure full, divine, and profound classes for everyone.

Start Becoming a Yoga Instructor and Learn to Teach Yoga!

With technology today, learning how to become a yoga instructor is easier and more accessible than ever. It allows for the practice to be more internal and focused on what you’re needing, instead of stressing about money or travel. 

The practice of yoga is an endless unfolding. Becoming a yoga instructor is just the beginning of another transformation. Enjoy the ride!


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