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There’s something about putting on a pair of sneakers and having them look as if you just took them out of the box. It’s a “flex” for many people to have a clean pair of sneakers to put on. Yet keeping sneakers clean is something that isn’t always very easy. 

Shoe care can be a struggle. You need to figure out a way to keep those shoes fresh while also wearing them in many different types of weather. This is the reason that shoe care tips come in so handy. 

If you’ve been having trouble caring for shoes, it’s time to look into alternatives. Here are some helpful tips to make those shoes look new again. 

1. Don’t Store in Sunlight

Sunlight causes quick color changes as well as cracking in many sneakers. If you store your shoes in a space that is exposed to direct sunlight you might find the color of your shoes fading very easily. Quickly find a new place to store your sneakers. 

One way to keep your shoes clean and looking like new is to store them in a dry and dark area. This will prevent the dyes in your sneakers from drying out and changing in any type of harsh elements such as sun exposure. 

2. Be Careful of Moisture 

Water can also damage your shoes. While your shoes are going to see things like rain and snow, it is important to store your sneakers in a dry place after you come indoors and wipe them off. Constant exposure to moisture can create problems with your sneakers. 

Moisture becomes trapped in your shoes and can lead to mildew and mold forming. Always listen to shoe care advice and keep your shoes dry and protected from the elements. 

3. Soles Needs Attention

Your soles are a place that needs frequent cleaning. Always be sure to bang out your shoes for any rocks or sand that might find their way into the tiny spots. These harsh materials can damage your sneakers and keep them from looking or feeling clean. 

If possible, with a toothbrush, brush away any remaining sand and dirt that may have squeezed into those small spaces. 

4. Cleaning Goes a Long Way

Always make sure you’re caring for shoes the best you possibly can. Washing shoes goes a long way, using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to do so. This will keep your shoes looking great for longer. 

Those white shoes can be a different project to maintain if you’re not wiping them down after use. If you need more help, check here for how to clean white shoelaces. Your shoelaces play a big part in making your shoes look clean. 

Make Your Shoe Care Simple

These simple steps will help you keep your shoes looking clean. Shoe care can be difficult to maintain, but when you put the effort in you’ll see the difference. Make every pair of shoes look like they just came off the shelf. 

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