Secure your elderly parents, a mini guide!

Secure your elderly parents, a mini guide!

It is essential for you to take care of your elderly parents. With growing age, they become weaker and hence depend on others for the fulfilment of their work. It means that having elderly at home brings lots of responsibility on you. They rely upon you both financially and physically.  They become weaker and more sensitive and even light wave of any disease can make them suffer any dangerous disease that can even lead someone to their death. The elderly face many problems and difficulties at this age.

Elderly parents feel not only lonely but also unsecured and even become unable to perform their simple routine tasks as well. They have weak bones due to which the chances of falling at an old age increase to many folds. Falling may cause minute fractures and severe injuries as well which include broken bone, hip fracture, and head injuries. Such things can become a cause of making the old people depressed. The fear of falling can limit their physical activities as well. Therefore you should be very careful while taking care of your elderly parents. Here are few tips with the help of which you can provide a secure living to your parents.

1. Proper Medical Check-ups               

You should be very careful regarding the health of your old parents. They need medical check-ups more often. They are much likely to get any disease, which can prove to be harmful to them. Therefore, to make their living secure, you must take care of their medical life. It includes both mental and physical fitness. For this, you should respond appropriately so that there does not come any negligence in the way.  You should make sure they have proper and timely meal. Along with that, you should take care of their regular exercise. It helps them in keeping fit and smart for a more extended period. Dementia is very common for senior citizens. You should be aware of its symptoms; early signs of dementia can help you better in that regard.

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2. Safety Assessment

There are many everyday things present at home which can trouble the elderly. They can even cause harm to them. They can make the older adults fall.  Some of these things are low light, stairs, and bathrooms. Precautionary measures must be taken to prevent falling and to provide a comfortable environment to them and you would want to give them the best stairlift. Therefore, the children or caretakers of the senior citizens must respond appropriately. It is not difficult all you have to do is to make sure that the house is adequately lighted so that they should not face any problem in seeing things. The stairs should have secure rails on both sides as they help in balancing while going up or coming down. Along with that one of the most dangerous places at home for elderly is the bathroom. It is slippery and can make them fall. Therefore the grab bars must be installed near the toilet and the bathtub or shower. It provides high safety to them.

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