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Finding the right employees to join your company can be a struggle, and making them feel welcome and confident in their new job is just as tough. You have to make sure they know their roles in the company, keep them happy, and let them know that they’re appreciated without knowing much about them.

How can you make sure that your new employees get all of the information needed to do their jobs well while keeping things fun and friendly?

Having a structured employee onboarding program is the key to welcoming your new employees with open arms. Here are some tips to help you ensure your program will help your employees.

1. Write It Down

Making a scheduled list of activities for your onboarding program is important both for keeping a record of your activities and to make sure you can replicate the program for new groups. Keep everything in writing, and be as detailed as possible with your notes.

2. Be Welcoming and Inviting

If you want your new employees to feel comfortable when coming in for their onboarding experience, then you should make the space feel lively and inviting! Bring snacks for your employees, throw up some decorations, and make a small party out of the event.

3. Take the Time to Explain the Job Thoroughly

While having fun at your employee onboarding program is important, you’ll also need to take the time to walk your new workers through their jobs. Give them all a detailed explanation of their tasks, and give them a chance to test themselves on the job.

Give them small assignments or challenges to do so that they can start feeling comfortable with their new job right away!

4. Explain Work-Related Jargon

Do you need to know a lot of specific jargon in your field? Now’s a great time to start explaining it! If you have any acronyms, strange words or phrases, or anything that might be confusing to someone outside of your field, then write it down with a brief explanation of its meaning for your new workers.

5. Run Through Your Workplace’s Culture

How do your team members usually act with one another? Do you have a specific workplace culture that your new employees should know about? Along with explaining workplace jargon, teaching them how to behave or dress in your workplace is also important!

6. Add a Personal Touch

It’s crucial for you to gather some experienced employees that you can use as mentors for your newcomers! When scheduling your employee onboarding session, include some of your existing employees that you can use as mentors. Find out who they work well with at the event and pair them up as work buddies so that your new employees can have an easier time learning!

If you have any doubts about your abilities to create successful onboarding programs, check out how other teams build their programs for a higher success rate!

Improve Your Employee Onboarding Program Today

Creating a fun and stress-free employee onboarding program is key to keeping your new employees happy in their new environment! Keep these tips in mind to help you the next time you consider hiring some new employees.

What activities do you use for your onboarding programs? Are there any tips you would suggest?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment down below with your ideas, and continue reading our blog for more helpful tips.

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