Ridiculous Yet Amazing Tricks to Save on Your Energy Spending in College

In college, the mantra is to save as many cents as you can grab. Therefore, it’s natural to be curious about how you could slash your energy bills and save the extra money for your next Tinder date.

You mustn’t rob a bank to be able to afford college. Smart students everywhere are already adopting the titbits and we will share some points in this guide to ensure they go smoothly and save you enough money to enjoy a more wholesome campus life.

To have full benefits of our energy-saving hacks, consider doing the following:

1. Save energy from lighting

This is one of the simplest ways of becoming energy-efficient as a student. Simply replace your high-energy-consuming light bulbs. Instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs, consider using LEDs and compact fluorescent lamps.

This can save you as much as 75% energy and money since they last ten times longer. You can also receive discounts when you purchase these bulbs from stores.

Most importantly, adhere to basic energy-saving policies worldwide. Some of these include turning off your lights when you leave your room. This is a standard requirement for housing policies of many universities and colleges, UCLA housing being no exception.

2. Use your electronics wisely

Students love electronics more than the Pope loves the rosary, no doubt. Household electronics and devices can set you back by quite some dollars if you don’t use them wisely. It will be funny to note that some household appliances continue making use of energy even when switched off.

They are said to be on phantom charge. You can get good savings by going for energy-efficient alternatives. Also, always go for energy-efficient appliances as determined by their Energy Star ratings.

3. Get a programmable Air-conditioner Thermostat

Everyone likes a cool and ambient atmosphere at home, thanks to air- conditioners. To get the best from your energy-saving experience with an AC, consider using thermostats that can be programmed to shut down when you’re not at home. You can save as much as $150 yearly through this alone! Now, imagine the wonders you can do with the spare $150.

4. Use window blinds and drapes to retain cool air

You can lose all the coolness and ambience of your room to your hard-working air-conditioner, if you don’t have window coverings. You will be surprised at how much energy you can save every year by intentionally retaining your room’s coolness.

5. Help your Dishwasher!

College students, those at UCLA, can have the best of the UCLA housing experience by adopting this simple hack. Instead of rinsing dishes, scrape them first to reduce food residue. Also, fill up the dishwasher with dishes so as not to waste water and electricity on just a few dishes. This sounds ridiculous, right? It will also save you some handsome dollars in the long run.

6. Save energy through that Showerhead!

Installing a 2.5 gallon-per-minute showerhead can help you save about 5 gallons of water in a 10-minute bath. You can save some dollars each time you shower, since your water heater has less work to do in the face of your reduced water needs.

7. Use laptops instead of desktop computers

This is another cool way of saving money in college. Laptops are generally more energy-efficient and take less toll on your electricity. This will save you more money for your other endeavors on campus.

You can learn more about UCLA’s policies on students’ housing regulations here.

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