6 Reasons Why New Technologies Are Changing the Manufacturing Industry Today

Technology is filled with surprises, such as email existing before the world wide web! Or, that 92% of the world’s currency is digital.

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, then you might wonder how technology is shaping with time. This article will discuss how new technologies are changing the manufacturing industry. Read on to explore more about this and how technology can save you valuable time today!

Smarter Products

From the AI industry to valve automation, more products in the manufacturing industry are becoming connected, responsive, and intelligent. As a manufacturer, you must be able to keep up with the technological advances in products. Products require specialized talent to be on a large scale.

Closing Gaps

New technology is encouraging new skills in math, engineering, and science. It prepares internal workers for the changes in the manufacturing workforce. While the closing of the gap is unknown, what is known is that technology is making the industry different from the past.

Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics is a large part of the resurgence of manufacturing. You’ll find that there are more robots in Japan, but plenty can be found in the U.S. as well.

In the past, factories had people assembling different engineering and electronics parts. This caused various errors.

Today, robots take the errors out of the assembly process. This is because they can handle more complex tasks. Robots don’t require breaks either.

This means that safety can be number one. You can find ball probe sensors performing production line sampling. In areas where contamination risks are high, robots are even more beneficial.

3D Technology

3D technology allows manufacturers to create detailed components fast. 3D printing technology is great for high-quality and low-volume manufacturing of electronics and children’s toys.

B-2-B-2-C Technology

Now you can find yourself closer to the needs of the consumer instead of watching over the value chain production. You can have product-oriented services, and sell consumers on a subscription basis.

Many manufacturers state that they’re seeing the benefits from the aftermarket revenue streams. You can find them in parts, service contracts, and warranties.

More Machine Customers

It’s expected that there will be more manufacturing devices used than people connected to devices with 5G. This will allow new technologies such as streaming music, movies, and TV shows to stream without interruptions.

5G in the manufacturing industry means that there will be an opportunity for a higher impact on transforming devices. This will allow autonomous driving and have AI connect to the auto industry.

You’ll find an increase in smart cities that have strong infrastructures, transportation, and logistics. This will also impact the healthcare industry as well with robotics and blockchain telemetry.

Exploring New Technologies In the Manufacturing Industry

Don’t let old technology slow you down! Now that you’ve explored more about new technologies in the manufacturing industry, you should consider it for your business.

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