10 reasons why dumb people win

10 Reasons Why Some Dumb People Succeed

Success can be hard to come by, and as we say that, why do so many dumb people actually make it in this world? There are plenty of people with below-average intelligence making more money and leading better lives than their intellectually superior counterparts. If you’ve ever wondered why this is so, check out these 10 reasons below why dumb people are sometimes successful.

1. They Get Lucky

Simply put, dumb people can be at the right place at the right time. This can mean that a quirky comment they made during a job interview helped them stand out, they were cast into a movie by having a certain style, or they could just get lucky creating something wildly popular in their basement. They don’t necessarily have a plan like smarter people, the hand they’re dealt is just a lot better than the rest of us sometimes.

2. They’re Persistent

10-reasons-why-dumb-people-succeed work hard persistance

Being persistent goes a long way when it comes to being successful. A person who is dumb can overcome the odds if they just stick with it. It may take them a lot longer to get there than somebody else, but they’ll arrive all the same granted they don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

3. They Have Wealthy Families

When you come from money, the chances are you’re going to do well for yourself regardless of your intelligence level. Even if a dumb person can’t manage to break through the barrier of success on their own, their family’s wealth that’s passed down onto them can give them the means to be successful. If you have money to waste, you can generally keep throwing things at the wall until you find out what sticks.

4. They Have The Genes

A complete idiot can rise in the ranks simply because they’re tall, and they’re more attractive than their average-looking peers. That’s the sad truth of the world, and you’ll never see an ugly smart person like a pop star or model. So if you’re a good looking person, you can probably get away with being a lot stupider than the rest of us.

5. They’re Less Agreeable

10-reasons-why-dumb-people-succeed work hard stubborn

Those who are less agreeable tend to earn more than those who seek to please others. Unagreeable people show dominance and a backbone by proving to their bosses that their ideas may be better. By not agreeing to everything, business owners see these people as individuals who can stand up for company values a lot more than those who would rather supplicate.

6. They’re Suck-Ups

On the opposite side of things, many successful dumb people are very much people pleasers. They know who to take out to dinner, buy lavish gifts for, and who needs an ego boost. This seems to help unintelligent people succeed, at least in the short term.

7. They Know How To Delegate

You don’t have to be the most intelligent person in the world to know how to direct people and have others do your bidding. If you know how to get the right people working for you, or at least get your peers to do as you ask, you can be successful. Being a delegator is natural for some people making it easy for them to rise to the top.

8. They Can Talk Their Way To The Top

Having great social skills is more beneficial than just getting people to like you; it can help you in your success. If you can identify with people and talk to them on their level, then chances are they’ll begin to know, like, and trust you. These same people are more likely to go to work events and network with their co-workers outside of work.

9. They’re Action Prone

10-reasons-why-dumb-people-succeed work hard

Many people have a tendency to overthink everything they do. However, many people, the unintelligent included, are action takers. You don’t have to be smart to dive in, get to work, and finish the job. People who have this quality are eventually successful people because they have overcome the hurdles and challenges a lot quicker than their peers.

10. Shameless Self-Promotion

10-reasons-why-dumb-people-succeed self promotion

A lot of dumb people like to brag relentlessly to their superiors. Although doing this may seem like an arrogant approach that gets people nowhere, many employers are impressed by the achievements that the dumb braggart has accomplished. Also, when the time comes for the boss to promote someone, dumb people can get ahead because they qualified themselves ahead of time.

There may be several other reasons that allow stupid people to be successful, but the reasons above are among the most common. So if you’re struggling to get your big break, utilizing the tips above in an intelligent manner can very well get you where you want to go a lot faster.

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