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There’s a reason why there are almost 800,000 housekeeping and maid workers found in the United States. These important people play a vital role in keeping homes and offices clean, presentable, and safe for the people who live and work there.

However, it’s a sad reality that many of these cleaning services don’t prioritize the environment when they’re cleaning. This is especially apparent in the products they use, as well as some of their techniques.

So, is there a more environmentally-friendly way to get a clean house? Yes! The answer lies in a green cleaning service. If you want to learn more about this increasingly popular service, then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!

What Is a Green Cleaning Service and How Does It Differ From a Traditional One? 

A green cleaning service prioritizes the use of clean products. They also implement more efficient cleaning practices to use less water when cleaning. For example, they may work to use less disposable cleaning devices like paper towels.

Or, they’ll only concentrate on high traffic points in the house — like handles, counters, and other areas that get dirtier quicker. In this way, green cleaning services are better for the environment. They’re also potentially safer.

Traditionally, housekeeping and maid services will use harsh chemicals like bleach to clean the services of our homes.

Unfortunately, these types of chemicals can be harmful to humans and the environment. This study shows how it affects both our respiratory systems when we inhale it, and our water supply when we dump it down the drain. Green cleaning services on the other hand emphasized natural products that come with efficient cleaning uses. 

Five Reasons to Consider a Green Cleaning Service

Now that you know what a green cleaning service is you might be wondering why you should consider hiring one. After all, what benefits come with choosing this type of cleaning service over a traditional one?

To help you find out, in this section we’ll go over five reasons why you should switch to a green cleaning service. 

1. Natural Products You Can Recognize

Many green cleaning services use cleaning products that contain natural ingredients you might find in your food. For example, cleaning ingredients that use vinegar, olive oil, and lemon are just as effective at removing dangerous bacteria.

However, the difference is it leaves behind a natural smell and isn’t harmful to the environment. Plus it won’t react harshly with your skin when you come into contact with it. 

2. Safer and Healthier Home

The chemicals from harsh cleaners can be absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the nose. It’s particularly dangerous for developing kids. These young children have developing respiratory systems that chemicals like bleach can damage.

Many cases of asthma have been linked back to harsh chemical cleaners. As such, a green cleaning service that uses safe products can make your home healthier. 

3. Better For the Environment

The reality is that we’re all responsible for taking care of our planet. As such, any small action that you do to protect it we’ll ensure that we can safely pass it on to future generations.

That’s why intentional acts, like choosing a green cleaning service, can help prolong the life of our environment. For example, harsh chemicals can easily get into the groundwater supply.

From here, it can get into our drinking water, as well as many other water ecosystems. In addition to endangering our lives, it can also wipe out massive amounts of animals. Luckily, green cleaning services help prevent this through the intentional use of safe cleaning agents. 

4. Better For Workers

We wouldn’t be able to enjoy clean homes if it wasn’t for the professionals who devote parts of their day to it. As such, these individuals deserve safe working conditions.

Unfortunately, with traditional cleaning services, the workers need to spend a long around dangerous chemicals. Inhaling these products can have an extremely adverse effect on their respiratory and nervous systems.

Because of this, the natural products that green cleaning services use help protect their employees from harsh cleaners. 

5. No Antibacterial Cleaning Agents

These days, the term ‘antibacterial’ has become so ingrained in the cleaning industry that we come to expect it. After all, bacteria can be bad. So what’s so wrong with products that destroy them? It turns out, lots of things.

The FDA points out that antibacterial soap is no more efficient at killing bacteria than regular soap.

So you aren’t getting any benefits from using it. On top of that, it also promotes the production of super bacteria that are resistant to any cleaning products. So, antibacterial products can make your home more dangerous. 

How Do You Find a Green Cleaning Service?

Typically, you can find a green cleaning service through a quick internet search. When you find a good option make sure to call them and make sure that they offer green cleaning services.

Some businesses, like Green Maids cleaning service, will make it abundantly clear by their mission statements. However, others will require a bit of research to find out if they offer it.

Unfortunately, it might be difficult to find a green cleaning service in your area if you live in certain rural communities.

But, the good news is that you can easily implement green cleaning around the home yourself. Or, you can try hiring someone and providing them with natural products to use. 

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We hope this article helped convince you to give a green cleaning service company a try. As you can see, hiring one of these environmentally-conscious cleaners isn’t just good for the planet — it’s good for your home.

By keeping harsh, potentially dangerous cleaning agents out of your house you’re ensuring that both you and your family’s health remains safe.

Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics that you’re sure to love. 

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