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Hiring a professional moving company is a sure-fire way to know that your furniture will arrive safely. They take the extra precautions that we would never think about, like bubble wrapping dinnerware and even the smallest of items.

But how do you know what to ask moving companies to know they’re the best?

Here are five questions you must ask before hiring a moving company.

1. Are They Licensed and Insured?

You don’t want to hire the first pair of hands with a truck you see. You should ensure that the moving companies you’re looking at are licensed and insured. The licensing shows that they are apart of the American Moving and Storage Association, which follows strict guidelines.

The insurance part helps keep your items safe. This insurance covers your items that may be damaged or destroyed during the moving process.

2. How Do They Prevent Damage to Your Furniture?

A professional moving company will take every precaution to make sure that your items arrive unharmed at their new location. Therefore, be sure to see how they care for your items before you trust them with them.

There should be a different process for each piece of furniture. You don’t want your mirror being thrown into the back of a truck like it was a bed or TV stand.

3. What Are the Prices?

This may be common sense to ask for a quote, but ask what the quote entails. A flat number doesn’t break down labor, gas, or equipment fees. A company that tries to hide these breakdowns typically isn’t reputable.

If you get quoted for an amount of time that is well over what you need, see if you can dispute the time for a lower cost. The best moving company will keep to their time and word.

4. How Long Have They Operated?

A good method to knowing you have a good moving company is to see how long they’ve been operating. Moving companies need cash flow to survive and the longer a company is around, the more people tend to trust them.

There is no general consensus on the amount of time a company needs to operate. For an example of a company that has operated for over 15 years, check out http://movingaheadservices.com/ to learn more.

5. What Do the Reviews Look Like?

Any company should pride itself on the reviews that they receive. Therefore, asking them what their reviews are shouldn’t be a problem with a company that has generally good reviews.

You can also look at the reviews yourself to see what other people are saying. That way you can see if the reviews match what the company is saying about itself. Type in “moving company near me” and read the reviews on Google and Yelp.

The Best Moving Company Will Have All These Questions Answered

The moving company that you choose to hire should have all the answers to these questions.

Even just beating around the bush to answer is never a good sign. If they can’t answer a simple question, how can you trust them with your furniture?

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