Qualities to consider when searching for a counselor Qualities to consider when searching for a counselor

Various life incidences can happen, thus leaving you in a vulnerable state. For example, the passing on of a loved one, undergoing a divorce, or relationship abuse. If you find yourself in a depressive state, you should seek life supports counseling. Several counselors specialize in different fields, such as grief, marriage, relationship, drug, and substance abuse counseling. These are qualities you need to look for in a counselor.

Experience and Competence

When looking for a therapist, you should go for the most competent. An experienced counselor will help you in handling your issue successfully. For instance, when having marriage problems, you get help from a counselor having a high success rate in assisting couples to remain married. An experienced therapist must have handled several compelling cases before, and it increases their capability to give you the appropriate help.

It would help to verify that the counselor has appropriate training.  Since there are general and specialized practitioners, ensure your counselor has the right education. They must also have a valid practicing license.

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Life supports counselling requires a high level of professionalism. A counselor must maintain client confidentiality and not share your issues unless you give authorization. They must also maintain a professional boundary by not bringing up their problems and reacting emotionally during the counseling session. A professional should not take advantage of your situation, for instance, suggesting on dating you when you go for grief counseling.


It will be helpful if you settle for a counselor who will be available and not regularly busy. Some counselors are too preoccupied with either sorting their problems or giving priority to other clients. However, if the professional is unavailable to attend to you on specific occasions, they should communicate in advance. An excellent therapist can also follow up to check on you in between the sessions. That is, they can be available to you if you face a crisis before your next appointment.

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Empathy Towards Your Background

People come from different cultural backgrounds. A good counselor should try to have an understanding of your culture and tailor the counseling methods to suit you. They should be respectful enough and not make biased comments towards your race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Examples of interpersonal skills include listening and communication. Thus, a good counselor should listen to you as you pour your heart out. Sometimes, you may need to vent or cry during the sessions, and your therapist should be willing to accommodate such emotions.

They should have empathy and understating about your situation. Additionally, the expert should have verbal and non-verbal communication skills when giving you essential recommendations to address your problem.

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Inspiring Hope in You

A right counseling expert should motivate you that your situation will improve. They need to encourage you to overcome that particular problem. For instance, if you are nursing a terminally ill patient, and the circumstance leads you to experience depression, the expert should give you real hope and encouragement. It is essential to find a counselor that will help you overcome your situation. Consider one who is competent, acts professionally, is respectful of your cultural background, and available when you need them.

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