Pursuing Your Beliefs: How to Get Into Politics and Build a Career

You have a vision that you know will make the world a better place. You have the will to do it yourself, but you just don’t see a way to get there.

You’re not alone. While most voters know where they stand on the issues, only 2% have run for office in their state or local government.

Are you up for joining in that 2%? Let’s talk about how to get into politics.

How to Get Into Politics

Entering into politics is a major decision that comes with high risks and high rewards. While there is no single, magic way to enter into the political arena, there are some time-tested steps you can take from career politicians like congressman Steve Rothman.

Start Small

Almost every big political figure that came from humble roots had to build from the ground up. There are plenty of town and city elections you can enter without much to fear.

Running to be on your town’s school board or city council is an excellent way to start. Just find the right fit for you.

The last two presidents of the United States had very limited or no government experience when they were elected, so focus on your vision in order to get the experience you need to start climbing the ladder.

Build a Base

Once you have your name in the hat, it is time to start connecting with your community. Nowadays, that task is easier than ever, thanks to the internet.

The most critical factors to gaining support are having a clear message, and giving it to anybody who will listen.

If you have a clear vision for the policies you want to see, then share that with everyone in the most positive and effective ways you can.

When you are just starting out in a small, local election, fundraising doesn’t have to be your biggest worry. In fact, you can spread the word about your campaign for a relatively cheap price.

Use your local paper, your town’s Facebook groups, and your friends’ social media shares to spread the word. Charisma and sound policies that you can defend, that’s what sells.

Consult With the Experts

We all need a hand sometimes. Nobody expects their town selectmen to be the top political expert in the country.

Knowledge and experience come with time, but there are excellent ways to get a head start. There are plenty of political consulting firms you can reach out to for an extra hand and some good information to keep you going.

Prepare Yourself

The one thing that everybody knows about politics is that it can be dirty. Be sure that you know what your opponents or the media will bring up about your past.

This includes that silly stunt you pulled in your early 20s, your grades in school, and any criminal history. Prepare yourself for those questions as best as you can to avoid any major hiccups.

This is not even to mention preparing yourself for the actual job. If you want to climb the ladder, you can’t miss the forest for the trees.

If you are running to lead the housing authority in your town, don’t think of it as a stepping stone to becoming a congressman. Instead, think of it for what it is. A job.

This is where consulting with experts comes into play. You wouldn’t want to start a job as a barista without ever making a coffee in your life and that comes with very few consequences compared to policymaking. Do your research well before jumping in.

Get Started

A vision, a plan, and proper execution. That’s the recipe for political success.

Now that you know how to get into politics, what are you waiting for? That dream will only come true if you make the effort.

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