9 Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing

As of 2019, the global IT outsourcing market stood at $33.7 billion, projected to reach $397.6 billion by 2025.

Are you considering outsourcing your IT services, and are you still skeptical about it? There are two ways of looking at it; understanding the advantages you’ll derive and the downside of IT outsourcing. To make a sound decision, you must understand both sides better to know what you can compromise.

If you have vague information about the advantages and disadvantages of IT outsourcing, this is the article for you.

Read along as we divulge valuable pointers on the pros and cons of outsourcing your IT support.

Pros of IT Outsourcing

There are various benefits you’ll derive by leveraging IT outsourcing for all your tech needs. It can be hard to understand why companies are outsourcing such services without touching on its advantages. Below are some of the pros of IT outsourcing.

1. Cost-Effective

The main reason for outsourced IT support services is to reduce business outgoings and get IT services when needed. For any business using technology, you’d need to hire an IT team of not less than three people. A compliance expert, data analyst, IT technician, and the list goes on and on.

Due to the demand for these tech skills, you’d need to pay the IT team well to retain them in the long haul. If your business isn’t in a good financial position, that would be a stretch for your finances. Outsourcing such services from a third party give you the leeway to access such skills at a more affordable rate.

2. Save on Staff Training

With great strides being taken to advance technology, you need to train your staff on a regular basis. Such training comes at a cost, and you can’t avoid them since they are standard HR practices. However, when you outsource your IT team, you don’t have to worry about training the team since the MSP takes care of that.

You can be confident that the team is well-versed in the latest technology that can help your company achieve peak efficiency. You no longer need to worry if your employees are well acquainted with the emerging trends in the market. It not only saves you money but also the time employees spend outside work undergoing training.

3. Cyber Security Benefits

The amount of cyber-attacks occurring every day is alarming; hence businesses need to be on the lookout 24/7. IT outsourcing services include monitoring of your networks to ensure it’s secure. To ensure that your security is top-notch, they do regular maintenance and patch management of your IT infrastructure.

Most cyber-attacks are financially motivated; hence you risk losing a lot of money in the event your systems get breached. You’ll befit from their years of experience to get recommendations on the best security measures. The value you get from such services is beyond what you could afford by hiring a cyber-security expert in-house.

4. Compliance

As a business owner, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law due to non-compliance with data laws. Most businesses are not yet well-versed with the data protection laws, which can land them in a lot of trouble with the government. Outsourced IT support makes it their responsibility to ensure your business complies with data laws.

You might end up losing your customers if listed among companies that are non-compliant with the data laws. Customers need to be reassured you’re not messing with their data. Failure to comply you might receive hefty penalties or have your business closed due to negligence.

5. Implement New Technology

The good thing about outsourcing IT support is you get to leverage their many years of experience in the tech field. That way, you receive adequate recommendations on the systems and tools to use to achieve efficacy in your business. By outsourcing IT services, you aren’t only assured of getting an experienced team but also highly qualified personnel.

The core competency of an MSP is everything to do with technology; hence it’s their core mandate to know emerging technologies. Your business will always be in the loop of new technologies that will increase your efficiency.

Cons of IT Outsourcing

There are two sides to every coin; for us not to be biased, we must also look at the downsides of outsourcing IT services. Below are some of the disadvantages of IT outsourcing;

1. You Don’t Have Control Over Everything

Entrusting a third party with the responsibility of maintaining your IT systems can make one uncomfortable. The downside of outsourcing IT services is that you won’t have full control over your IT infrastructure. That’s why you need to do your due diligence to hire a managed IT service with a good reputation for upholding NDAs.

2. Communication Problems

Imagine a scenario where your network goes down, and the MSP delays responding to your calls and messages. If a company doesn’t have good communication systems, it’d be problematic for you to access IT support in record time. The response time of most MSPs can be shaky, and you end up waiting for too long for a technician to be sent.

3. Security Concerns

Having a third party handle your cyber security can pose various concerns on potential risks you might suffer. Imagine a scenario where all your data gets wiped out due to an error committed by the MSP. More so, a rogue employee from the MSP decides to steal your customer’s credit card information for personal gains.

4. Negative Morale on Your Employees

The idea of outsourcing some services in your business takes a toll on your employees. It reduces their morale as they might think they will lose their jobs when you decide to outsource their services too.

Get Value by Seeking Reliable IT Outsourcing Services

The good thing about IT outsourcing is that you can reduce the downsides by ensuring you hire the best company. Make sure your selection criteria seek to address some of the cons of IT outsourcing.

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