Prepare closet for winter Prepare closet for winter

Are you wondering how you can keep warm during the winter season? Your wardrobe should be adapt to the changing weather. Just because the temperatures drop does not mean that you cannot remain stylish. You can keep warm as you look stunning. You should, therefore, learn how to dress up for both the warm and cold months. Here are a few tips that can get you started.

Try looking for long clothes

You have to start working on warming your body right from the base layer. The right type of underwear can help you achieve this. If you don’t own some long underwear, try shopping for silk or thermal undergarments before the weather gets too cold. These tend to wick away excess moisture from your body. Luckily, you can wear such underwear with any outfit and maintain the warmth your body needs. They can also help your body remain dry at all times. Thermal underwear is mostly designed from silk, which goes well with tight-fitting clothes.

Put on an undershirt

If you don’t have long underwear, you can still keep your body warm and dry by wearing an undershirt. Get one that is made from quality fabric to eliminate excess moisture from the surface of your skin. Some of the moisture-resistant materials that you can choose include polypropylene or merino wool. Do not select cotton undershirts during winter since these tend to retain moisture when your body starts sweating. Cotton undershirts can form a damp layer on your skin, making you feel cold rather than keeping you warm.

Look for leggings that you can wear under pants

Leggings for winter

The lack of long underwear should not prevent you from keeping warm in the freezing weather. You can still stay warm by choosing leggings or tights. Having a thin layer under your regular pants can prevent you from feeling cold. Ensure that the leggings you want to wear with beneath the pants are thin enough to boost your comfort level. You can choose fleece-lined leggings for the extreme weather conditions.

Get long thick socks

Extreme cold affects the feet more than any other body parts. Even if you wear warm clothes and don’t protect your feet well, you may still feel cold. Get the right size of socks that keep your feet warm while not interfering with your ability to put on different shoes. This means that they should not be too thick nor too thin. Woolen socks are suitable for the cold season since they keep excess moisture away from your skin. If you are still freezing, feel free to put on at least two pairs.

Top the base layer with a simple shirt that you can remove quickly

When the weather keeps on fluctuating, you should dress in layers that can be easily removed. Look for a shirt that contains some buttons or a zipper for you to remove it if you start feeling excessively warm. Ensure you choose t-shirts made from breathable materials so that they can keep you warm without making your body feel overheated. You can wear a pair of jeans with a flannel shirt and some boots to make a style statement even in the cold weather. If you don’t want a t-shirt, you can replace it with a light sweater. For instance, wearing a wool sweater over a dress or skirt with some leggings can make you look good. You can also accessorize your elegant dress with a light scarf. Do not let your body feel too hot since it can cause you to freeze when you go outdoors.

Invest in some heavy pants

Heavy pants for winter

During the cold season, you should avoid nylon pants since they are light and cannot keep your body warm. Even if you choose to wear multiple layers then maintain nylon pants, you may end up freezing. Spare such pants for summer and look for heavy fabrics such as corduroy, wool, or denim. Try searching for pants that feature a thermal lining.

Cardigans and sweatshirts can help you pull a great casual look

If you want to achieve casual comfort, wearing sweatshirts over a shirt is your best option. You can select a regular sweatshirt or go for a zip-up one. Whether you are going to school or work, a nice looking cardigan can keep your body warm and still help you look formal. You can easily take off this garment if it gets a bit warm. On a cool day, consider wearing a cardigan over an elegant blouse. You can also put on a cardigan on top of your regular sweater on icy days.

Get a few dresses to put on over the base layer

You can still achieve a feminine look even when it is freezing outside. The market has a lot of sweater dresses that are ideal for winter. For instance, you can combine a long-sleeved turtleneck with a sleeveless dress. Alternatively, match a pair of leggings with a dark-colored dress to boost your style. You can complete the look with some ankle boots. If you choose a sweater dress, you can add a vest over it to keep your body warm.

Choose a heavy coat

Heavy coat for winter

When the cold weather worsens, investing in a coat can prevent you from getting sick. You can wear a fur hooded coat that comes in a neutral color with so many outfits without looking weird. Ensure you choose a coat that is made using waterproof material to prevent soaking if you get rained on. A softshell coat is ideal since it is not only water-resistant but also breathable. This can come in handy if you plan to engage in winter activities such as skiing.

Lastly, you need to protect your hands using mittens or gloves. When you are outdoors, your hands are bound to freeze during winter. You can prevent this by getting quality gloves to keep them warm. Choose gloves made from wool or leather to keep your hands warm. Gloves that are made from cashmere look quite stylish in winter.

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