An Overview of the BONNAGE Corporate Thank You Gift Catalog

As a prospective entrepreneur, supervisor, or managerial figurehead, in which hypothetical office would you imagine your hypothetical employees finding more happiness, satisfaction, or at the very least, contentment in? A toxic, cutthroat, judgmental workplace where they are viewed more as servile labor machines than human beings, one in which they are shouted down for the slightest dissent, their efforts totally sapped and exploited with minimum recognition and compensation in return? Or, one in which where their feelings are heard, their needs are empathetically considered and met, and reward is distributed fairly and equitably.

The statistics speak for themselves: 60 percent of employees would leave their jobs over a bad boss. Unfettered workplace depression and anxiety can collectively cost the U.S. economy $1 trillion a year, according to the World Health Organization. In three decades, workplace stress levels have disconcerting spiked nearly 20%, as found in a recent Korn Ferry report. On the flip side, one UK study observed that happy workers could exhibit almost 20% more productivity than unhappy, dissatisfied workers. Many more surveys, stats, and studies can attest to this, but frankly, it’s a no-brainer; give your employees genuine, authentic, kind, empathetic compassion, and more often than not, they will reciprocate. One simple, surefire way to express this compassion is via thank-you gift for their hard work and efforts, and if you’re a Chicago-based business owner, an extensive thematic catalog of these gifts can be found here on Bonnage. If you’re here to learn more about those gifts and their thematic connotations, read on to do just that.


Athletics are the grand unifying impetus of many mid-work coffee and water cooler discussions, inebriated post-work discussions at the bar up the corner, and many a contentious weekend debate. Without fail, they are a reliable source of entertainment, friendly competition, and passion, and what better way to bond with your coworkers (or anyone) by making those mutual common passions known? If they’re an avid golfer or golf fan, swing for a par four with the Hole in One brownie coaster combo, the Tee Time desk clock combo, or The Clubhouse for some excellent barstool glassware and cutting board décor. Or, if baseball would be more relevant subject matter for your corporate thank you gifts, then follow suit with a Homerun.


When it comes to corporate thank you gifts, lavish aesthetics are an old-reliable, tried and true favorite. Spice the empty shelf and walls/ up with an ornate Home Office gold plaque/crystal clock combo, the air with the Home Aroma candle set, the desk with a Timeless Gold Watch Gift or Welcome Home table set, complete with cutting board, silver photo frame, brownies, and a specialty gold wheat flake napkin holder.

Local Favorites

Very few have the honor of claiming the Windy City as their city. Celebrate that honor with a select Chicago coaster set, one of the many skyline table platters available, or for something a little more statewide, the Illinois map platter and Prairie State coaster/Brownie combo will be sure to please.

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