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Parenting involves many decisions which help their children be happy or not. The first decision concerns the prenatal period, where mothers need to lead a healthy lifestyle to give birth to a healthy child without complications. The next ones deal with the choice of a hospital and, logically, a baby’s nutrition. Local stores have many conventional formulas on their shelves, but are they safe? What alternatives can caregivers find online? Is it better to buy HiPP Combiotic Baby Formulas than their traditional variants?

If you are an expectant parent or want to find the best nutrition for your baby, you should read this article.

What Is a Conventional Formula?

Traditionally, pediatricians can recommend giving a baby formula during the first days after labor to let a mother get the required milk flow or recover after the intake of medicines, especially when having a C-section. Unfortunately, local drug stores offer only conventional formulas that have the required nutrients but they are not natural. Besides, they can contain the following harmful ingredients:

  • sugar and its derivatives like stevia, corn syrup, sucrose, etc.;
  • genetically modified organisms;
  • artificial colorants, stabilizers, and preservatives;
  • hormones and antibiotics;
  • dangerous bacteria;
  • pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides.

How do all these components get in there if everything is FDA approved?

First off, the FDA has nothing against sugar, GMOs, and taste enhancers in baby foods.

Second, the FDA doesn’t test each pack, so doubtful companies can use low-quality milk or additives which might contain harmful bacteria.

Third, the FDA doesn’t control the soil where plants and vegetables are grown and it doesn’t test the grass and hay that cows eat. Consequently, chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers) can be in a baby formula together with milk, plants, and vegetables used for its production.

Besides, farmers can use growth hormones to stimulate proper milk flow.

All in all, conventional baby formula can have ingredients that might hurt a baby.

What Is the Best Alternative to Conventional Formulas?

The modern world is changing due to global catastrophes that make people think about the consequences of their deeds. That’s why more people think about healthy foods and ecological well-being to provide their children with a safe environment.

Fortunately, parents of newborns can buy formulas without artificial ingredients. Organic products are gaining popularity daily due to their natural compositions and positive effect on human organisms.

Traditionally, organic baby formulas are made by European brands because the European Food Safety Authority has higher demands for baby formulas and rewards natural products with the “label” organic. By seeing this label on a product, you may be sure that 95% of all ingredients are natural and safe for people and the environment.

Among the top popular European brands, you can find HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert Bio, Jovie, Löwenzahn, BebeM, Nanny Care, and Kendamil. All of them produce top-quality organic baby formulas that satisfy the needs of newborns and toddlers. Moreover, they make other baby goods like pouches, snacks, cereal, energy bars, and drinks.

What Latest Advances in Infant Nutrition Do Organic Baby Formulas Provide?

Unlike traditional baby formula, organic baby formula has a number of advantages, especially goat milk formulas. What pros do babies enjoy when eating goat milk baby formulas from European brands?

  1. They contain carbs and prebiotics that are similar to those in breast milk. Goat milk oligosaccharides resemble oligosaccharides found in breast milk. None of the existing formulas is so close to breast milk composition as organic goat’s milk formulas.
  2. They don’t include harmful ingredients like GMOs, artificial stabilizers, taste enhancers, chemicals, and other non-natural components that traditional baby formulas have.
  3. European brands make several stages to satisfy the requirements of babies without health risks. As a rule, there are three stages that may have different indicators – 0+ or Pre, 1, 2, and 3. Some brands make formulas for toddlers who cannot adapt to adult meals completely. These formulas have 1+ and 2+ indicators.
  4. Organic baby food brands produce formulas for babies with specific needs, like anti-reflux, sensitive tummies, hypoallergenic, and more.

To conclude, goat milk baby formulas include the most essential ingredients for your baby. Consequently, they are the best breast milk alternatives in the baby food market.

What Ingredients Make Baby Formula Unique in the Baby Food Market

Previously, all cow baby formulas lacked oligosaccharides, usually called HMOs, which are the main health-supportive component in human breast milk. Now, goat milk formulas include almost the same HMOs that beneficially influence a baby’s well-being. They support a baby’s digestive system, supply them with the required energy, take care of their microflora, and help babies respond to various infections.

Moreover, the best-quality organic goat milk formula has other benefits for a baby.

  • It has easy-to-digest proteins that are similar to breast milk proteins.
  • Such formulas don’t contain A1 casein which may cause allergic reactions and indigestion.
  • Fat milk globules are smaller than in cow’s milk, so they don’t turn into hard curds in a baby’s stomach that cause inflammation, bloating, and digestive problems.
  • It contains less milk sugar than cow’s milk baby formula, so it is less likely to cause colitis, diarrhea, and other “infant-like” tummy problems.
  • Such a formula has a perfect blend of healthy fats, carbs, and proteins. Moreover, all brands add the lacking vitamins and minerals to meet international standards and supply babies with the demanded nutrients.
  • It usually contains DHA, such as Omega 3 and 6. They are good for proper brain, skin, hair, and eye development.
  • Some cow milk intolerant babies can tolerate goat milk formula, so parents can try it under the pediatrician’s supervision.

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Of course, not only goat milk formula is a perfect substitute for breast milk. Organic cow milk formulas are also nourishing, and you can find an anti-reflux formula from HiPP with cow milk. Besides, many brands combine goat and cow milk to guarantee the best formula with all the required micronutrients and macronutrients. Goat milk formula is just better for sensitive tummies, while cow’s milk formula is a perfect choice for babies who cannot stand three-hour feeding intervals because of hunger.

So, organic baby food brands make perfect formulas for every baby because each one deserves the best care and nutrition from the first day.

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