Operating systems in browser Operating systems in browser
JavaScript engine has become more powerful than ever. With the help of it, a coder known as Fabian has created this, also known as Fabi.  It was basically created on GitHub, it is  a program that emulates x68-compatible CPU and hardware. Using that you can run various operating systems like, Windows 98, Linux, KolibriOS , FreeDOS etc “Inside Your Browser”. All these Operating Systems run on Javascript Machines.
Besides the great performance of Windows 98, it allows you to play a little game of Minesweeper. KolibriOS is a graphical OS that runs pretty well and takes around 60 seconds to boot. Linux works smoothly too. Other OS like FreeDOS , Windows 1.01 and Archlinux are also there. And don’t forget to lock the mouse using the button ‘Lock mouse’ at the top of the screen.
Steps you have to do to access these amazingly created classic Operating Systems on your Browser.
No no, there are no steps. Just click on the links below (could it be any more simple?)

Links for Operating Systems:

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