Most common mistakes in skin care Most common mistakes in skin care

Skincare gains more weight every day among people of different ages since it is proven that the sooner you start taking care of it, the benefits will be much greater. In addition, in the era of masks, skin problems have become a reality for many people, added to the stress derived from the current situation. In this sense, there is still a great lack of knowledge about what our skin really needs to be healthy, and to shed light on this matter, the pharmacist expert in dermo pharmacy, explains the 10 most common mistakes in your skincare routine.

1. Choose A Product that is Not Suitable for Your Skin Type

It is common for us to let ourselves be influenced by marketing or by the opinion of our friends when choosing our creams. However, not everything works on all skins. Knowing our skin and its needs is essential to choose the right cosmetics, especially we should include retinol eye cream in our routine.

2. Lack of Constancy

We want to see results immediately and, truthfully, in beauty, you have to be patient, and, above all, be consistent with your routines. Only in this way will we be able to see the improvements in our skin.

3. Wanting to Use All Kinds of Assets

Although retinol, glycolic acid or niacinamide are fantastic active ingredients for the skin, your skin may not need them. Personalized routines are the most effective and in them it is not necessary to use all kinds of active ingredients, but rather those that your skin needs.

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4. Skipping Facial Cleansing Or Not Doing It Properly

Facial hygiene is the first essential step to take care of the skin and we find people who do not do it correctly, who only use water in the morning to cleanse their face or who use the same towel to dry their entire body. The face must be cleaned daily, morning and night, with suitable products and preferably using a towel exclusively for it.

5. Do Not Hydrate

Mainly people, who have oily, mixed and acne-prone skin, often make the mistake of not moisturizing the skin, because they fear that they will get pimples. But daily hydration is essential, to strengthen the skin barrier. The key is to choose the right moisturizer for each skin type.

6. Apply A Lot of Product

The benefits of cosmetics do not multiply if we apply more quantity. In fact, we may be saturating the skin and causing cosmetic acne due to occlusion of the pores. What amount is fair? It depends on each product, some spread more, but in general, the size of a pea would be enough for the entire face. And the size of a grain of rice for the eye area.

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7. Abuse or Not Use Exfoliants

We meet the two extremes. Exfoliation is necessary for many skin types, especially oily and combination skin, to keep the pores clean. But we cannot abuse it, because we can cause irritation. You have to find a balance, do it once or twice a week, and always choose suitable exfoliants for your skin type.

8. Forget Photoprotection in Winter

UV rays age the skin all year round; it is true that in summer the damage is more serious because we are more exposed. But you have to use photoprotection daily, adapting it to the season and also to our activity. If you are at home all day, choose a cream that protects you from blue light.

9. Not Following the Proper Order

In cosmetics, the order of the factors does alter the result. If you use different care you have to apply in the correct order. If you don’t, they probably won’t do any good. Keep in mind the purpose and texture of the cosmetic; generally, the lightest ones go first. If you do a double cleanse, first the oily cleanser and then the watery one. Next would be the toner (if you use it), the eye contour, the serum, the moisturizer, the sun protection and the makeup.

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10. Forget About the Neck And Neckline

These areas are the great forgotten, which means that they can age before the face. The neck usually suffers from wrinkles and sagging and the neckline, above all, sun spots. We should take care of them daily, just as we take care of facial skin: cleaning, hydration and sun protection.

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