Canada is a mixture of bustling cities and exotic sceneries among a partly-explored, snow-washed arctic. From strolling around Toronto’s wild art scene to dog sledding tours in the north of Montreal. Canada is ceaselessly an exciting adventure for both residents and tourists alike. And in this country up north, winter can be rather frosty.

Canadian winters are best-described with hot chocolate, oversized fur-trimmed coats, and layers upon layers of heat-tech garments. Amid the 32 degrees mid-December weather, you will find fashion-forward youth hanging around the city in cozy fits. On their feet are Moccasins, a Canadian winter shoe essential that has invaded closets all over the country.

If you have never heard of Moccasins in Canada, then you are missing out. They are comfy, easy, and winter-proof shoes that are not ugly to boot. Here are some reasons why everybody loves a pair of genuine-leather moccasins.

They Are Practical and Fashionable

Admit it — winter shoes can be hideous. They are big, bulky, and can look like a pair of clown shoes. But Moccasins in Canada are the antithesis of those characteristics. These loafer-like shoes are fashionable, light, and will hug your toes in the warmest way possible. They are the perfect blend of cozy and cute, without sacrificing durability.

Winter moccasins are fur-lined, which is adorable and adds an extra dosage of warmth. You will be tempted to wear them indoors as well to protect your feet from the cold floor often abandoned by heaters. But here is a protip — fur-less moccasins blend in the winter, too. Just wear a pair of tights and thick socks, and your favorite summer canoe shoe can strut its way to the end of the year.

They Are a Wonderful Investment

This Canadian apparel statistic found that the industry’s per capita revenue has exceeded CAD 1000 in 2019. When the winter comes, apparel and shoe spending tend to grow, as Canadians spend a tremendous amount on winter essentials each year.

That has partly to do with how shoes often fall apart with the exposure to the winter climate and freezing temperatures. By purchasing higher-quality footwear, you can eliminate the risk of it breaking in the middle of the winter bout. Substantially, it will save you money in the long run.

Some of Canada’s most significant exports include leather-bodied footwear, which totaled CAD 33 million in 2016. Because of the demand for Canadian leather, you cannot deny the quality of Moccasins in Canada. With winter-proof durability, they will make your snowy strolls along the French-infused Montreal almost feel like spring.

You will miss out on the practicality of owning moccasins if you decide to skip them for yet another winter. One can get them for as little as CAD 70, which is cheaper than most pairs of tennis shoes, but will last you many winters to come.

You Can Wear Moccasins on Any Occasion

Moccasins are the ultimate footwear for universal use because they are wearable for just about any occasion. For instance, a pair of classic grain or suede moccasins are fantastic to wear to work, school, special events, or for every day.

You can wear a plain black pair and dress it up with a chic jumpsuit and gold jewelry for a classic evening look. To further protect yourself from the winter, a warm longline blazer will tie your look together.

Meanwhile, a pair of brown fur-trimmed moccasins are perfect for casual use. Pair it with tights, a thick midi skirt, and an oversized turtleneck for a seriously comfy look. If you aren’t a fan of tan shoes, a charcoal pair evokes a mature aura that pairs perfectly with your closet.

For some celebrity inspiration, Sofia Richie wore a pair of boot-cut moccasins that are street-friendly, fun, and perfectly complements casual and sporty looks. Consider a suede pair for a fun twist that matches the vibe of Canada’s snow-white winters.

Moccasins sell out quickly once people feel the first wave of chilly air, so now is the best time to pick out a pair to spice up your winter closet.

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