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There’s a birthday around the corner, or maybe a holiday or another special occasion. Time is running out and you find yourself panicking. You’d normally have no problem picking out the best gifts for someone in your life, but this person is different.

This person has everything and what do you buy someone who has everything? Suddenly, buying gifts has never been so difficult. You’re in need of some great gift ideas for people who have everything, but where can you find them?

The answer is right here! Continue reading this guide below for a list of unique gift ideas to help you find the perfect present for your special person. 

1. A Trip/Planned Vacation

Someone who has every knick-knack you can think of might not need any more materialistic items, but that doesn’t mean they’re not in need of a nice vacation! When it’s time to find the perfect gift for them, start planning a vacation or trip for them. It doesn’t have to be anything over the top.

You can choose a neat location somewhere close to them and schedule a weekend trip. Choose the location, the accommodations, and book flight tickets or a rental vehicle for them. Give them the gift of creating memories and it’ll be something they cherish for a lifetime.

2. A Personalized Item

You can never go wrong with creating a personalized item for this special person. There are many different ways you can personalize a gift item. You can put their name on a pillow or on a coffee mug. 

You can choose a few favorite photos and have them printed on a blanket or have one printed on a t-shirt. If they have a pet, place their name or picture on a thermos or on a magnet. You can even frame a special photo and gift it to them. 

Personalizing jewelry, blanket, and other items is the perfect way to give someone a gift they won’t already have. 

3. A Subscription Box

Is there something your loved one enjoys doing? There might be a monthly subscription box for it. You can find subscription boxes with makeup, pet supplies, fishing gear, and so much more! 

Think of something they love and then research what monthly subscription boxes are available for that specific topic. Each month, a new box will arrive in the mail with different items in it. These boxes are ideal for items that are used on a daily basis and need replenishment. 

4. A Houseplant or Flowers

A houseplant is a great gift for someone who has everything because the plant will continue to give them something back in return. Caring for houseplants has therapeutic benefits and helps reduce stress. Before you choose a houseplant do some research about plants native to their area. 

Native plants are low maintenance and are ideal for those with little experience caring for plants. You also want to be sure to choose a plant that’ll thrive well indoors. Otherwise, you can send them flowers and a beautiful vase to put them in. 

5. Movie Rental Subscription

Do you have an avid movie lover on your hands? If so, then you should look into a movie rental subscription for them. You can purchase a subscription like this in many ways. 

You can consider purchasing a membership for them on a movie/game rental app that has an in-person kiosk for them to pick up from. You can also consider purchasing them a subscription to a television network or movie-viewing platform that they can download on their smart TV. Purchase a 6-month or year subscription to give them something to watch for many weeks to come. 

6. Gift Cards to Their Favorite Places

Can you think of a place where this special person loves to visit on a regular basis? It could be a store, a restaurant, or anything! For example, if you know they regularly shop online, then determine which website they use.

Then, purchase a gift card for them to use when visiting any of these places in the future. They may already have everything, but they could always use some extra money to spend on the things they buy on a regular basis. 

7. A Coupon Book From the Heart

Do you remember those old-school coupon books with multiple coupons to various locations? You could purchase them for $10 or $20 and in return receive hundreds in savings! Now, you can create your own coupon book that comes from the heart.

Sit down and write out a few different coupons for this special person. Think of some things you know they’d enjoy using a coupon for. For example, you might give them a coupon for one night of no house chores or one foot rub.

The coupons you create are totally up to you and should reflect things that this special person would want or need. 

8. A Handmade Creation

This person has everything, but what they don’t have is something uniquely made by you. What’s something you can make for them that they’ll cherish? There are many great ideas, including a handmade birdhouse, card, photo frame, or artwork.

Visit your local arts and crafts store and see what type of building kits they have. When you give them something handmade, it comes with much more meaning than anything else you could give them. 

What Are Your Favorite Gift Ideas For People Who Have Everything?

Who knew there were so many different great gift ideas for people who have everything? Just when you thought you’d never be able to find the right gift for this special person, you now have several options to choose from! Pick an idea listed above or choose a few.

Then, remember to save this post for later when you need to review some more ideas for the next special occasion. If you want to find more posts on idea topics and so much more, continue to check back here on a regular basis. 

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