Masterpiece demands persistency trending us Masterpiece demands persistency trending us

The original cost is the costliest!!

Anyhow! If you want the masterpiece pay the cost. The creation of a masterpiece is not difficult but one must ready to pay the price for the masterpiece. Masterpieces are not the hot cakes to sell. One must keep their nose to the grindstone.

Are you on the same page? Exactly, here it is a masterpiece in form of the success, achieving the goals, achievements, dreams, true on expectations and winning. If it was at the drop of a hat, there is no need to work hard, no need to be regular , no need to be punctual and after all nothing like a masterpiece or once in a blue moon.

Totally agree that for a masterpiece the artisan needs hard work, necessary tools, knowledge, skills, patience and an ultimate platform to present but what artisan need the most? Persistency or consistency!  If he or she starts the work and be irregular in the work, will there a chance to get a result? The doctor prescribes the medicines and the treatments for healing; do we skip it in middle? Then, you can’t be cured. Same the way, persistency is compulsory for anything.

If you are stuck up, lost the way or puzzled on the path of achieving your mild stones, don’t throw it in the towel.

That is actually the time when you need to be the most persistent. It is a perfect time to show maximum consistency to your challenge.

Every day’s practice is the best. World’s best players, artists or winners have paid the cost of persistency. No one can be the best in their field overnight or instantly. It is an output of the constant performance! A blow of ceaselessly practice! We all also know that the practice makes a man perfect but it is a high time to say that the consistent practice makes a man perfect! It is true that master piece costs master blows of persistence!

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