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The need to own property is increasing as people seek independence and ways to cut down on costs. When there is a need to set up structures instead of buying or leasing, renting a space becomes the best option.

Realtors rent and manage homes, organize for the sale of the homes, spaces, land and buildings on behalf of the owners. To improve, realtors need to develop strategies that work and use resources and tools to help them accomplish their goals.

Realtors should use marketing applications and platforms in 2021 for marketing. Some of the platforms include:

1. Zillow Premier Agent App

With more than a hundred million people visiting and searching for homes, real estate content, and agents to work with, Zillow is a platform that has managed to conquer the real estate industry on the internet.

Realtors who would want to advertise on this platform pay for branding services and exposure through the platform. It works by making the agents or marketers appear next to their listing in the selected zip codes.

When a buyer has expressed interest in a property within a specific zip code, Zillow premier agents get an alert about the visitor. They can answer questions and assist in setting up a property show.

Zillow has the advantage of a vast audience, which they exploit to get leads. They then use the leads to convert visitors to customers, thus gaining sales. The platform also has tools that enable the agents to determine how much they can and are willing to spend and where they would like to advertise.

There are factors that determine the cost of the Zillow premier agent. The first is the number of agents who show interest in competing for space and the home’s Average cost in your choice of zip code. After evaluating these factors, Zillow premier agents use the cost estimator to determine the final price.

One of the huge disadvantages of Zillow premier agents is the cost.

2. Facebook

The Facebook platform is among the most used social media platforms in the world. It is, therefore, an excellent platform to reach out to people for business. The young generation dominates the platform, and the older generation is slowly embracing this platform’s use.

In essence, a realtor can reach a much wider audience using Facebook since there are people in most subsets who will need your services.

Facebook Business Page – As a realtor, having a Facebook business page is one of the marketing essentials in the platform that you should exploit. The business page introduces and sells your business to the rest of the world.

It allows you to see how the world views and receives your business through comments, likes, and how people share your content with others. You can also use this page to redirect both visitors and clients to your website to access more information and get services.

Targeted Advertising – Facebook allows a realtor to practice target advertising. As a marketer, you already know who your clients are, and it is easy to sell to a willing buyer. Facebook has a way of connecting you to your target audience through ads, sponsored stories, and videos.

This way, your clients will feel invited to buy from you, making it an effective marketing method. To make the most out of Facebook, ensure that you fill your Facebook business page, know when to post and post once or twice a day, and ensure that your ads have different formats. You should create a budget for your ads and know which comments to give attention to or a response.

Some of the disadvantages of Facebook include time consumption and the cost of ads.

3. Mailchimp

Email marketing is considered among the best strategies to generate leads for possible conversions in the real estate niche. Despite other entrants in the email messaging arena, Mailchimp remains a household name.

Mailchimp is easy to integrate into your website and helps in creating and managing email lists. The platform allows you to send up to 12,000 emails every month to 2000 subscribers for free. It comes with a robust structure that supports all your marketing strategies.

It allows planning campaigns, using pop-up forms, segmentation of listing, and integration with Google and Instagram advertisement services. Generating reports is simple, and you can set up the account for multiple users for your marketing department.

The flexibility in the customization of subscription forms is a great advantage to the users. Once logged in, select subscription forms and choose the document you wish to modify. Select your preferred settings and colors for your campaign, save, and you are good to go.

To start your marketing campaign:

  1. Select the campaign creator and choose the recipients from your list.
  2. Choose your tracking tools and connect with your social media accounts.
  3. Ensure that your content’s design is suitable for your campaign.
  4. Once everything is ready, send your email.

The platform allows you to monitor the response rate of your campaigns. Mailchimp is undoubtedly the best email marketing tool for all your email purposes.

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4. Wise Pelican

Direct mail may seem to be an old-fashioned way of marketing, but not in real estate. Most homeowners use direct mails to know who the best real estate agents in their neighborhood are. Wise Pelican is a household name with proven excellence in mailing coupled with integration with current technologies.

The platform allows you to create a list for every mailing campaign you want in a specified area. All that is required is to draw a polygon over your target area on a map, and it automatically generates an updated listing for you. Better still, Wise Pelican allows you to upload your listing.

The platform has many templates that you can customize and use for your postcards. Their system is enhanced to capture emails of homeowners requesting to sell valuations of their properties.

Wise Pelican uses the USPS system to track your postcard. It is thus easy for you to know the progress of your mail campaign. The platform also helps you to be consistent in your campaigns since they offer scheduled mailings.

The feature is vital since it accommodates busy schedules and upcoming launches and contracts. Wise Pelican for mailing is a must-have tool to create a brand name for your company.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the world’s leading online video application. Millions of people in the world use YouTube to gain information about almost every aspect of life. YouTube is the single most effective tool to add visual dimensions to your property’s real estate niche.

Research has shown a 64% likelihood of a potential buyer purchasing a property after watching its video on YouTube. Millennials are inseparable from technological advancement, and the YouTube platform has greatly informed their buying decisions.

Since Google owns YouTube, the most popular search engine today, videos on YouTube help in SEO ranking. You must upload video content that evokes emotions. High-quality videos are the best as they depict the seriousness of your brand.

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It is essential to provide your contact information with every video. Providing contact details allow the viewers to engage with you and get quotes or arrange visits for purchase.

Uploading videos informing the masses on the steps they should take in owning a home is useful. Relate the steps with your business and how your business helps the clients in undertaking them. Make some videos for your market updates such as coming soon, just listed under con

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