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Are you getting tired of stopping by the coffee shop every morning just to be late to work? Or maybe you want to sleep in a few days a week and make your coffee at home?

Either way, we can’t blame you. Buying espresso coffee every morning or even every week can get expensive. You can save yourself money and time by learning how to make espresso yourself!

We gathered up a few tips from real baristas to give you the inside scoop about how to make the perfect espresso from the comfort of your kitchen!

Choose the Right Machine

Before you can make your coffee, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you need an espresso machine, or at least a coffee maker that can also make espressos.

Espresso machines pressurize the ground coffee at about 132 pounds per square inch, which takes more than your run of the mill equipment. Make sure the device you choose has a BAR (barometric pressure) of between 7-15.

We understand that an expensive espresso machine may not be practical for everyone, which is why we’ll suggest an all-in-one coffee maker. If you’re not in the mood for espresso, then you’ll always have the option to make a latte or a regular ol’ black coffee.

It Starts With the Beans

Like any good quality coffee, the process starts with the right beans.

For espresso, you’ll want to buy whole beans and grind them yourself. Freshly ground beans work best to infuse a robust, rich flavor into the espresso. Only grind as much as you need for your single or double espresso shot (unless, of course, you need more of a pick me up).

The perfect espresso will have the same amount of grounds for every brew; consistency is key. To achieve this, it’s best to have a small kitchen scale where you can measure out exactly how much should go into your portafilter basket. While your machine’s instruction manual will usually tell you how much should go in, it’s generally between 7-9 grams for a single shot.

Trust the Process

The process of making espresso can seem tedious, but don’t sulk your way back to your local coffee shop yet!

Your machine will be doing most of the manual labor for you, so if something seems off, tweak your process a bit. Change up your beans, try tamping your coffee more evenly, or clean out the filter.

Many things can go wrong with making espresso—it’s a fickle process. But tweak your method, and eventually, you’ll come out with a stellar espresso every time!

You’re Ready to Make Your Espresso Coffee at Home!

Making an excellent espresso coffee is no easy feat; it can take practice, and you’ll end up with plenty of weak or bitter espressos along the way. But persevere; perfect coffee at home is at the tips of your fingers!

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