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Leaders rise to the occasion to do the right thing under immense pressure. People like Mahatma Gandi, Albert Einstein, and Pope John Paul II are renowned worldwide for being some of the brightest minds and timeless revolutionaries.

Many leaders are held in high regard for how they carry themselves in and out of the spotlight. Read on to learn about the five main qualities you will find in a great leader!

1. Honesty

Being an honest person can go a long way towards making someone the best leader. Sometimes it can seem like some of the most successful people are those that blur the line between what’s right and wrong.

The reality is that great leaders have a moral compass they follow throughout their life. This helps them to stay strong in the face of adversity they face as they overcome obstacles to achieve success.

2. Passion

Effective leadership arguably starts with having a passion for what one does each day. Whether it’s providing a product or service, or participating in a charitable cause, you’ve got to genuinely care about what you are doing.

Strong passion for a cause helps leaders to stay the course despite setbacks along the way. Passion is also what enables a leader to find ways to continue improving to set themselves apart from other people who aren’t leaders.

3. Courage

A great leader must have the courage to stand up for what they believe in and to take the road less traveled. Often doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest path. The best leaders are the ones that are willing to go above and beyond to do what they believe in.

Courage gives someone the confidence to try something new or take a calculated risk that others may not have the mental aptitude to do on their own.

4. Experience

Experience allows someone to develop into a better leader as they face victories and overcome defeat along the way. Someone can undertake a task with passion and courage but there’s no replacement for experience.

This takes time and effort, along with a willingness to take on new challenges. Through experience, a leader can relate in a better way to others that are with him or her on the journey.

5. Dedication

Leaders can see how what they are doing today will help them be a better version of themselves tomorrow. The best leaders are the ones that recognize that there will be times when things feel like they are going less than perfect.

Being dedicated to the cause and with a focus on the end-goal allows leaders to separate themselves from the pack to rise to the top.

Wrapping Up: Being a Great Leader

Great leaders aren’t always the most talented player on the team or the smartest person in the room. These people have a unique mix of talent, hard work, and a moral compass that helps to drive their decision making each day.

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