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Messy files aren’t only confusing to look at, they also hamper your efficiency and work. After all, not everyone maintains the habits of organized people. You can easily waste time simply looking for an unnamed file in the wrong folder.

Organizing files on your Mac, however, has some great benefits for Apple users. An organized file system means that you work better, and your files don’t get lost. The best part is that with several apps, it’s as easy as can be.

Take a look at our list of top seven Macbook apps to download for file organization and productivity.

1. CleanMyMac X

If your Mac is beginning to slow down, you’ll probably notice a dip in performance. If you do, you might want to start clearing the tons of junk on your Macbook first. 

CleanMyMac X cleans unnecessary files like obsolete caches, download errors, and even hidden files. If you’re worried about losing files, don’t be. The program will always ask you for permission before deleting anything.

CleanMyMac X shows you everything that needs cleaning with regular disk cleanups. It also speeds up your Apple devices by freeing up RAM and boosting essential systems. If the app detects several errors it alerts you and deletes them right away. 

2. Hazel 

This is an automated file organization tool developed by Noodlesoft. One great thing about Hazel is its customizability.  How this application will move, function, and organize the files is all up to you. 

Depending on your preferences, its functions border from simple to more complex commands. For example, you can enable the removal of specific files on your Mac after a set time limit. This is especially helpful if you have files you only needed for a small period of time. 

Hazel will provide some sample rules which you can review at first. These serve as a guide for when you begin to customize your own rules however you want.

3. Task Manager for Mac

If you’re transitioning over iOS systems, you might be more comfortable with Windows Task Manager. If that’s what you’re after, then you should check out Activity Monitor. 

The two programs share the same functionality so you won’t have any problems transitioning between them.

Activity Monitor shows the many active processes currently running on your Macbook. The CPU, Memory, Energy, Disk, and Network are the main processes it monitors. 

This is crucial for looking at how many applications and other processes are affecting your Mac’s performance. 

If you want to learn more, please check out this more elaborate and in-depth guide for the task manager Mac app.

4. Gemini 2 

Gemini 2 scans your whole disk to find duplicates of documents and other types of files on your Macbook.

After the scan, the app displays any duplicates for you to browse. Duplicate photos may include ones taken during burst mode or continuous shot. If you like, review each one of them and choose the best so you could delete the rest of them.

This application also lets you see the details of the files you wanted to delete or keep in your Mac. 

Another nice feature you should know is that Gemini 2 keeps the original file of the duplicates. If you deleted something by accident, you can take it back immediately. 

It also has a trash feature where it collects all the deleted files for recovery. It’s up to you if you want to wipe the content clean.

5. Forklift

Do you want to connect on remote servers while organizing your files and folders? Then forklift may be the app you’re looking for. This is a simple yet powerful application for file management.

With Forklift, you can search and filter by name, extension, type of file, and tags. It’s a file viewer and it also supports SFTP, FTP, Google Drive, AFP, Cloudfiles, and so much more. Additional features include the ability to remote edit and save files.

Forklift has a Dual-Pane feature that splits the screen into two windows without the hassle of overlapping them. You can split them horizontal or vertical, depending on our preference. Dual-pane is one of the most efficient ways of organizing your files and folder.

6. Bartender

Bartender is a utility application that lets you organize your menu bar icons. This keeps them looking nice and neat on your Macbook display. You could hide or reveal the icons with a single click or with a keyboard shortcut.

Customize your menu bar at ease with this application.

Search for a specific icon you like and navigate around the menu bar with the use of hotkeys to activate it. If you want another approach, you can choose which icon to use on the collapsible bar. It’s also possible to make the icon completely hidden. 

Bartender has a feature that hides the menu bar when you open another application. You will get notified if the applications are updating, syncing, or having an error. This is great for knowing which applications need some fixing or rebooting.

7. Pathfinder

Pathfinder is one of the most popular Macbook apps to download.

It can display the information and data of every file of your Apple devices. They also have great file filtering for finding specific folders. If you want to compare two files, Pathfinder scans the contents of each and lets you see the difference between the two.

The app is also highly customizable in its functions. If you prefer different tasks for the app to run, you can easily set these up.

Cocoatech has recently released the latest Pathfinder version 9.0.4. You can expect new and improved features, with issues from previous versions fixed. This includes a faster search engine and better online connectivity.

Discover More Macbook Apps to Download Today

Here are some of the top sorting Macbook apps you can find! Don’t hesitate to turn back to this list the next time you need to boost productivity at the workplace or at home.

But why stop here when there are more Mac tips to pick up? If you want to learn more useful Macbook apps to download, please check out more of our articles. We have more guides like this one so read some of them right now!

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