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It’s the age-old debate: Mac vs PC, which one is better?

If you ask a Mac user they will probably tell you a Mac. And if you ask a PC user they will tell you a PC is better.

Answering this question is very important when you are buying new computers for a new or existing franchise business. So which operating system is right for you? Find out in this blog.

Mac vs PC for Business

The best way to examine which operating system is better for your business needs is to layout the features that both Windows and Apple offer. This way you can compare which features are most important to your line of business.

For some people which is better also involves more than just the features of the OS. It is also a question of hardware, capabilities and software support. It can also be a matter of what you and your colleagues are using or your personality.

The Pros of Mac

Low Maintenance – If you are a little tech-savvy and can perform basic maintenance tasks to keep your computer running smoothly then a Mac is a great option. Apple computers are famous for their low maintenance and are not usually the target of hackers.

This can be a huge plus for a startup that doesn’t have the budget to hire IT personnel. If you do run into a problem with a Mac you can remote access a Mac to fix the problem. This comes in handy if you hire a freelance IT person.

Streamlined User Interface – One of the advantages of Mac for business use is a simpler and more streamlined interface. While both operating systems have a practical GUI, (graphical user interface) Macs GUI is more straightforward.

This makes installing, launching, updating, or deleting apps very easy on a Mac. Apps are available in the Apple App Store and are housed in the Launchpad. A single folder houses all the details of each of the apps.

Mac’s simple GUI appeals to individuals who want to get work done easily. But keep in mind each operating system has a different degree of difficulty or ease depending on the user. No OS is simple by default. However, when it comes to Mac or PC, Mac’s OS is cleaner and just as powerful.

Consistent OS Hardware Integration – Many Apple users will tell you they purchased a Mac for their business because of the seamless software and Hardware integration. There is truth to this claim.

Apple is both a software and a hardware designer. This dual role within the company allows the Mac OS to be optimized based on the specifications of the hardware components of a Mac. That’s how you end up with Mac’s seamless integration and results in an effective and efficient computing machine.

The Cons of Mac

Mac is Expensive – Mac laptops and desktops can be very expensive when compared to Windows computers. It may be difficult for a startup to shell out that kind of case to buy the computers they need. Mac OS is exclusive for Mac devices.

There are workarounds to install it on non-Apple computers but this is illegal. Your business doesn’t need any trouble with the law. If the price is a concern a Mac OS may not be for you.

Less Variety – One of the main drawbacks of using a Mac for business use is that Mac has limited variety when it comes to the number of apps to choose from.

When you bring home your new Mac computer many users are surprised they can’t find all their favorite apps in the Apple Store. That doesn’t mean these apps are not available. You may have to visit the developer’s website and download them directly.

Pros of a PC

The Available Features – Windows 10 (the most common pc operating system) has a host of features that can help boost your companies productivity. Scan files and documents easily to see the most recently updated ones. Select and download files from the cloud as needed without having to store them locally.

Or pick up where you left off in a word doc with Window’s 10 “Pick up where you left off” feature. The choices can be overwhelming but if you spend a little time researching them individually you can boost productivity and save time.

Windows Offers Choice – When it comes to choosing between a Mac or pc for business PCs offer more choice to users. No matter what type of computer you want PC’s operating system Windows will run on it.

PCs can easily be customized to fit your franchise company’s unique needs. Do you need your computer to have four amazing graphics cards working together? PC can do that. You won’t get this level of customization with a Mac.

PC is Affordable – In the PC vs Mac debate PC will win on affordability. Computers from companies like Dell or Lenovo cost a lot less than Apple computers. You can get PCs for really cheap. Just don’t expect all the fancy options.

Because of the huge number of suppliers for PC, the product can sometimes be inconsistent. Visit a computer retailer near you to try out your PC before you buy it so that you know exactly what you are getting.

Cons of a PC

Security – Compared to Mac OS, PC’s security is a bit weak. Each new update to the operating system tries to fix security issues. AS a result, PCs are easier to hack than Macs and can be used to distribute anything from hate mail. Since Windows OS doesn’t generate log files the owner has a hard time figuring out who is responsible for the hack.

PCs are also highly susceptible to viruses which can also be bad for security. If you choose a PC your business will need to invest in good virus software and always make sure it stays up to date.

It All Comes Down to Personal Preference

Choosing which operating system is best for you (Mac vs PC) can take some time. Make a list of all the things your company will do on the computer and then look to see which operating system will workest for your needs.

Don’t forget to take into account what your colleagues will be using and the ease of use too! If you enjoyed this article please share it with your colleagues and read more articles about Franchise businesses on our news page.

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