Trending us tvs 10 tvs worth paying for Trending us tvs 10 tvs worth paying for

Considering TVs decades back, it was created by mechanical system and the electronic system which we used till the present year. As it wasn’t a big enough profit source, TV wasn’t considered as an important invention. With the help of increasing investment, it continued to grow and became a larger source than radio for news, for music, for entertainment and what not. Today it also includes internet, comes with operating systems and innumerable benefits. It has become an important part of our lives. Let’s consider some televisions which fulfill the requirement of today’s generation:

10) Sony Bravia KDL-55W800C

If you’re not bothered about 4K, but you want a large vibrant screen , this 55-incher might be for you. It also features the Android OS, so you can play games, watch movies directly onto your TV with the Android power. The price of this TV is Rs. 113,300.


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9) LG 65UF850T

Are you looking for a huge TV that fits under your roof, then this one is for you . It also has LG’s latest WebOS channel to app bouncing interface. The price of this TV is Rs. 3,20,000.


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8) Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant55

As the name says, this is a bang to your wallet! This being the most costliest TV in this list, stays one of the classiest TVs money can buy. Overall the looks, picture quality and audio are simply outstanding. The price of this TV is Rs. 10,00,000.


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7) LG 55UF950T

This TV turns on pretty fast, just in a flash with no time waste in loading. The blacks are very deep and comes with 4K technology. The price of this TV is Rs. 2,30,000.


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6) Samsung UA55JS9000K

As lengthy as its name, more lengthy are its pixels. With a whopping 8.3 million pixels filling the screen’s every corner! It comes packed with excellent contrast and powerful sound than other screens. The price of this TV is Rs.3,14,900.

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5) Sony KD-75X9400C

This 75 inches of holy cow will let you know how much oil does Irrfan Khan put and by default the brightness is so high and also has a pretty good speaker set. The price of this TV is Rs. 7,04,900.


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4) Samsung UA65JU6470U

Finally a 4K TV that can be recommended without crossing the fingers. It has all sorts of Samsung Smart TV features and all new motion sensing controls. The price of this TV is Rs. 3,14,900.

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3) LG 55EC930T

This 55 incher is a delight to watch with its good looks coupled with all the smartness. As they say OLED is GOLD, this TV has pretty awesome colors and awesome contrast. The price of this TV is Rs. 2,70,000.


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2) Samsung UA48JU6670U

This TV comes with a fast multitasking interface and has plenty of connections, stunning picture quality in 4K . The price of this TV is Rs. 1,52,900.

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1) LG 55EG960T

The day has come when OLED and 4K will be merged in a holy matrimony. This is an outstanding piece of marvel. It has a crisp, super sharp ultra detailed images. This 55 incher is a visual treat to your naked eye! The price of this TV is Rs. 3,60,000.


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I hope this list helps you to make a better choice selecting your luxurious television. Enjoy the show.

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