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Thanks to modern technology and innovations in engineering, traveling is getting cheaper. It’s now easier than ever to pack up and live abroad.

You do have a case of wanderlust? If so, continue reading and we’ll walk you through the best countries for expats to live and work. 

Czech Republic

Although downtown Prague is becoming more expensive due to increased tourism, it’s still far off from Amsterdam or Berlin levels.

Those who are new to the city will certainly relish the lovely Christmas markets, liberal European attitudes, and beautiful medieval architecture. Consider moving the gentrified communities like Vinohrady and Žižkov.

And even if you end up residing outside of Prague, you’ll still be able to enjoy the country’s stunning green landscapes and charming spa escapes. 

It’s important to recognize that there is a language barrier in the Czech republic. Learning the Slavic language would be extremely helpful before actually settling there. This is especially true because most of the rent-controlled apartments are advertised in Czech only.  

If you plan on staying for longer than a year, you’re going to need to get some kind of identification like a driver’s license. 

New Zealand

New Zealand is a popular destination for American expats. This is mainly because it’s so easy to move there. Even though it’s on the other side of the world, just about everyone in the country speaks English which is a relief. 

And if you’re at all interested in scuba diving, winemaking, hiking, skiing, or Lord of the Rings scenery, look no further than New Zealand. 

When you live in New Zealand, it doesn’t take much to travel to Australia, Oceania, and Indonesia. And if you’re under 56, relocating to this island country is easy and simple when it comes to paperwork.

Before you pack and up go, you should be aware that New Zealand is not among the cheapest countries to live. Although it might not be as pricey as Australia, prices are certainly rising and doing so quickly.


Few countries offer the classic Europen experience like Germany does. Since they’re located right in the center of the continent, it’s a great home base to start some exciting weekend getaways. 

If you’re in Munich, it’s only a four-hour drive to get to Italy, Austria, or Switzerland. And only a two-hour flight to get to just about anywhere else in Europe. 

In Berlin, one of the world’s most international cities, there are parties galore. Plus living there is affordable despite their growing tech industry. Plus, many Germans also speak English which is a plus.

The downside? Moving to Germany is the easiest. Especially if you’re not a skilled engineer. 

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy standing between you and your Frankfurt apartment. 


Thailand is both extremely friendly to foreigners and extremely affordable. Containing the world’s most visited city, Bangkok, $600 a month can land you a lovely furnished apartment with plenty of perks.

Also, street food, taxis, and massages are plentiful and cheap around the country. And if you choose to live in one of the island bungalows, you can save even more money.


In France, people generally work 35 hour work weeks and take 90-minute lunch breaks. There are also no open container laws, great soccer, and people usually drink wine with just about every meal. 

French employees also receive 5 weeks of paid leave as well as 12 federal holidays. Drink champagne in Champagne, lounge on the beaches of Cannes, and eat at many of the world-famous restaurants in Lyon. 

Still, the French have a bit of a reputation for not taking too kindly to foreigners. Especially Americans. Being fluent in French would be a major help to anyone planning on making the move. 

The visa process can also be a bit excruciating. Despite that, you want to make sure that you comply with all laws when moving overseas


If you’re looking for a country that’s cheap to live in and full of rich and ancient history, then Greece is your place. Beautiful beaches abound as well as delicious food. 

Unfortunately, Greece is so cheap due to the country’s poor financial management. Jobs are hard to find there but cheap living and food is plentiful at least!


Uruguay is one of the few South American countries with very little violent crime and a stable economy. Marijuana is legal to possess and grow, the people have progressive LGBTQ attitudes, and political corruption is minimal. 

The winters never get below freezing in Uruguay and their beaches are among the best on Earth. 

All these lovely living conditions don’t come cheap, unfortunately. But with great weather and beautiful landscapes, it’s a worthy payoff. 


Although it’s no secret that Sweden isn’t a cheap place to live, Stockholm is still cheaper than other major cities like New York. The country has a very strong economy and plenty of job openings. 

Plus, speaking English might actually help you in the job market. The Swedish are also know for actively trying to help immigrants integrate and assimilate with the rest of the culture.

The Best Countries for Expats that You Need to Know About

With nearly 200 autonomous countries in the world, there’s something out there for everyone. The ones listed above tend to be cited often as the best countries for expats and each one offers something unique and special.

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