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Summer is right around the corner. So, whether you’re hoping to boost your property’s curb appeal or just spruce up your home’s exterior, the time to decorate is now.

But, with all the different design ideas out there, it can be hard to pick just one or two that will make your garden stand out. Homeowners on a budget will also find that an extra element of creativity is required. Otherwise, you might wind up spending far more than you originally intended.

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Stay tuned for top tips on affordable lawn and garden decor, guaranteed to help your home’s exterior look its very best.

Upcycle for a Rustic-Chic Look

Look around your garage. Do you already have a handful of items that could double as decorations for your garden?

DIY garden decor is a great way to add a personal touch to your space, without spending a ton. Some top ideas include turning an old wheelbarrow into a planter, transforming discarded pallets into tables and benches, and making a fire pit out of brick or other leftover construction supplies.

Add a Focal Point

When it comes to outdoor garden decor, you don’t want to add too many unnatural elements. Otherwise, your yard could end up looking more like a garage sale than a peaceful outdoor oasis.

If your space could use a creative pop, or you’d like to add a feature that changes seasonally, consider adding a printed piece of art. These garden flags are bold and fun, drawing the eye in and delivering a cheerful message. Yet, they’re subtle enough to keep your yard looking modern.

They’re also weatherproof and long-lasting, making them a fabulous investment.

Bring Nature Home

Lawn and garden decor doesn’t just have to look good. It can also be used to support the natural world around your home! 

If you love watching birds and other wildlife like squirrels, why not set up a bird feeder or two? You can attract other species by adding a birdbath or hummingbird feeder.

Planting native species is another great way to attract local animals to your yard. And, the plants that grow naturally in your area will likely be easier to care for than exotic imports purchased from a nursery. 

Create a Quiet, Intimate Space

Most garden decor ideas focus on entertaining. But, your yard can also serve as a quiet place for peaceful relaxation.

Consider building a winding gravel pathway through your garden, or sit a few cafe chairs in a corner surrounded by plants where you can enjoy coffee and a good book. You might also want to add a water feature or wind chime to set the mood. 

Affordable Lawn and Garden Decor

Now that you have a bit of inspiration, it’s time to shop for affordable lawn and garden decor. 

To help keep your spending in check, set a firm budget for your project and stick to it! And, remember that you don’t have to add every single one of these ideas to your space. Instead, try adding one or two at a time before making any additional purchases. 

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