What Makes A Good Quality Kids Clothing Vendor For Wholesale

What Makes A Good Quality Kids Clothing Vendor for Wholesale?

Many wholesalers sell kids’ clothing, but you might not feel all are the best fit for you and your business. So what exactly is it that makes a kids’ wholesale clothing vendor one that’s worthy of your hard-earned money? Keep reading for some ideas to keep in mind while making your selection.

They stay up-to-date on the latest kids’ clothing trends

Chances are you want to sell on-trend clothing to appeal to what customers in your current demographic want and that their parents would buy them, like Bella + Canvas kids’ sweatshirts. Wholesalers typically pay attention to what fashion trends are happening in the world so that they can offer them via their respective websites. This benefits everyone involved as shoppers can get the styles they want, clothing stores can profit while appealing to the shopping preferences of current and prospective customers, and wholesalers can make money by offering products their clients are seeking.

They have excellent customer service

If you’ve ever had to ask a question about a business or need assistance with a particular matter, you know how essential excellent customer service is. Customer service representatives who don’t seem to care can ruin a shopping experience and potentially drive away current or prospective wholesale customers.

Before you sign on with a kids’ clothing wholesaler, contact them a few times to see how their customer service is. Ask them questions you want to know, like how certain aspects of the business work and what happens if you need to make returns. Talk to them about possible discounts, and inquire about any other matters you’re curious about that could influence your decision about ordering from them.

They offer a range of worthwhile products

It’s not enough for a kids’ clothing wholesaler to offer a range of products and clothes you would want to buy for your fashion business. For example, if you’re interested in selling children’s dresses but don’t like most styles, a particular wholesaler offers, or the prices aren’t worth paying for the products. It may not make sense to sign up with them if you want to team up with a wholesaler from which you can order most of your products.

Spend some time looking through wholesale clothing websites you’re considering signing up with, and if possible, do so over a few months to see what styles of kids’ clothing they offer and how much it appeals to you. It can give you a good idea of if the two of you would be a good business match.

Their products are high quality

As great as it is to have access to kids’ clothing styles you love, it’s not going to matter if the clothes look like they’re poor quality now or after being worn only a few times. Every dollar counts in business, and you don’t want to put even one penny toward a product that doesn’t match your standards and likely won’t match those of your customers.

Before placing a bulk order from the kids’ clothing wholesaler, order a few different items and test how high-quality they are. Considering kids will also be sporting the products, ensure the clothing will be safe for them. You’ll spend a little money on a small number of clothes for the testing process, but it will likely be a better option than spending a substantial amount more doing a test (or taking a chance by doing no test) after making a bulk clothing order. 

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There are little-to-no problems with using the site

No customer wishes for a shopping experience that’s packed with problems. Instead, they want to navigate between pages efficiently, clearly see the photos, read the descriptions, and have a seamless checkout process.

Take a tour of each website, including their customer service and About Us pages, try adding items to the cart without checking out, and browse multiple product pages to see how easy the experience is. If you’re having a problem browsing the wholesaler’s website, especially if it’s over some time, it might not be a good sign of what’s coming. One or two minor glitches likely aren’t a problem, but several small ones or significant issues may be difficult to ignore.

Above all, quality kids’ clothing wholesalers care about their clients and the shoppers buying their clothes. Therefore, they see it as their responsibility to make ordering their products a great experience. So don’t worry if finding your wholesaler match takes a while. Eventually, you’ll likely find one with which you feel comfortable having a partnership.

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