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The perfume fragrance industry is worth more than $31 billion and is growing at a roughly 4% rate. You’ll have your pick of any kind of perfume you like as long as you’re willing to do your research. 

Developing your nose perfume is not unlike a wine connoisseur developing their palate. You’ll learn to try and buy fragrances that you’ll love, one bottle at a time. 

Here are some tips that will help you when you’re in the market for a new perfume. 

1. Consider Your Body Chemistry

Anytime you’re buying perfume, recognize that it’s a personal decision. You have to assess your body chemistry and understand that the same scent will smell completely different on someone else. 

We all have a unique body chemistry that affects the smells we give off. Much of this is natural and much of it is the result of diet and lifestyle decisions. Once you start to understand what types of perfumes smell best on you, it’ll streamline your entire shopping experience.

2. Learn What You’re Trying

If you’re new to the perfume game, take time to create a list of some crowd-pleasing fragrances that people have purchased in enjoyed the last several years. Going with some safe options allows you the chance to see what you like and dislike as you build your collection.

Check out some online reviews to learn as much as you can about the perfume brand and the individual selection. 

3. Know the Different Fragrance Styles

There are some distinct styles that set perfumes apart. Make sure that you understand the differences between eau de toilette, oud, Eau de Fraiche, and Parfum. These fragrance types differ in terms of strength and expression.

Get to know how the seasons affect the types of fragrances that people wear. For example, summertime brings out nothing but the freshest fragrances, while autumn ushers in spicy notes. You might enjoy flowery scents in the spring and food-like scents in the wintertime.

4. Study Notes and Families

Consider the perfume concentration so that you understand the notes and families that are at play. There are so many notes that your nose can pick up when you’re trying out perfume.

Examples of perfume notes include dry woods, patchouli, amber, orange blossom, and aquatic notes. They create notes of their own when mixed and combined.

Some fragrance families include woody, fresh, Oriental, and floral. Test out as many perfumes as you can until you get reference points that teach you.

5. Think About the Setting

Finally, consider your style of dress and occasion for wearing the fragrance. Some fragrances are best for formal settings, while others can serve as a daily wear perfume.

Once you know what you like, consider buying wholesale perfume so that you never have to go without it. 

Shop for Brand New Perfume

Take the time to embrace these tips as you begin shopping for a new perfume. There’s a large world available once you’re ready to deep dive into your perfume options. 

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