Keep the Party Jumping: 3 Fun Bounce House Games for Kids

There’s nothing more thrilling as a child than getting all your friends together for a party. And no matter what the cause for celebration is, a bounce house is a way to take the party to the next level. 

Kids love jumping and playing in a bounce house, and it makes any event instantly memorable for them. If you’re considering getting a bounce house for your next event, you might be curious about what bounce house games you can introduce to the group. 

There are many great games and ideas, but there are some that rise above the rest. Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few of our favorites. 

1. Bounce Them Over

Bounce Them Over is a popular game that some of your kids might be familiar with from playing on trampolines. The premise of the game is simple. 

One child sits in the center of the bounce house while everyone else moves to the sides. The center child establishes themselves in a position, usually criss-cross applesauce, and braces themselves. 

Then, the other children try to bounce enough that the center child is forced to fall or topple out of their position. The longer they last without toppling, the better they did! 

This is a great game for kids because there’s no real winners and losers. Each kid can easily take a turn being the center child.

2. Battle of Balloons

Depending on the size of your jumping castle, a battle of the balloons can be an amazing way to keep kids entertained. This game is a bit more competitive but can be a great deal of fun for kids of all ages.

Get a good deal of balloons in two different colors. Blow them up and toss them into two sides of the jumping castle. Divide the castle into two sides with a line down the middle, then split the kids up to each side.

Their goal is to get all the balloons of one color to the opposite side. The kids will fight back and forth, attempting to keep their color balloons on the opposing side, and the other color off their own turf.

This game can be high-energy and a lot of fun. Just make sure there are no sore losers in the bunch! 

3. Bounce As I Say

This game kind of works as a jumping castle version of Simon Says. Much like in bounce them over, one child will be the center of the bounce house with the others on the edges.

Kids of the edges shout out suggestions for how the child should bounce. This can be, for example, suggestions to bounce on one leg or to bounce and do a full spin in the air. The child in the center must then bounce this way for 30 seconds.

If they can make it through the 30 seconds without falling, they win. If they fall, it’s someone else’s turn. 

The Best Bounce House Games

Playing bounce house games can make any kids’ party a memorable smash. The above are just a few of the many games out there that can give your child an amazing afternoon.

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