Ways In Which Kanban Can Improve Your Organization

6 Ways in Which Kanban Can Improve Your Organization

If you need a change in a place that lacks urgency or are looking for coaching tools that will be effective in your organization, you could try some Kanban training.

Before further strides, understanding a few things about the kanban methodology and how it works is beneficial.

Let’s dive right in.

What is the Kanban methodology?

It is a visual system that comes in handy in managing and improving workflow. The name kanban has its roots in Japan, and it means Visual signal. The Kanban methodology requires a kanban board to visualize the process of work.

When put to use properly, it aids in eliminating bottlenecks and even better in improving efficiency. As such, most companies use it as a framework for the agile methodology.

How does the Kanban methodology work?

Kanban methodology uses a visual representation of a process. It operates like that to identify and correct bottlenecks. All things are displayed on a Kanban board which is typically a whiteboard that can be viewed by the team easily. However, virtual boards are more popular, and they easily create a virtual board to your specifications.

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Basic principles of the Kanban methodology

Any successful Kanban coach understands the basic principles of the Kanban methodology deeply. They are as follows.

1. You have to visualize your workflow

This is a vital step. You need to keep your Kanban board visible at all times and ensure that you update it regularly.  A visible representation of the process makes it easy to identify and address problems. This also avails your team with the capacity to improve communication regarding the project status.

2. Limit work in progress

This limit comes in handy in preventing loss of efficiency as a result of multitasking and re-prioritizing. It helps to carry out a few experiments to ascertain the appropriate limit. However, it is best, to begin with, two for each working in that column.

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3. Ensure to improve continuously

The main goal of a Kanban methodology is to ensure that improvement is continuous. The Kanban board should come in handy to help you identify any existing problems and make necessary changes to fix them.

4. Essential practices to follow

The practices below come in handy.  They are termed as essential practices of Kanban. It helps to follow them religiously, especially if you decide to incorporate the Kanban methodology into your project management style.

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5. Make explicit process policies

It is vital for everyone on the team to understand how Kanban functions. That is the only way to make the methodology work. Once the limits are well defined, you can make them visible on the board.

It is vital to ensure the team members understand how work is pulled through the board and even come up with an expectation for addressing bottlenecks.

6. Manage the flow

Visualizing your workflow is not enough. Essential metrics like how long it takes for an item to move through the board need to be defined.  If any bottlenecks get noticed, ensure to take all the necessary steps to avoid them next time.

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The insight above should make it easy for you to manage the workflow in your organization. However, you can always get a kanban coach to guide you through the entire integration.

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